14 Awesome Things To Do In Dandeli, Karnataka


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Wildlife Sanctuary, with its trails and thick forests, is home to wildlife century, Dandeli makes the perfect destination for nature sweethearts and undertakings movement searchers. From Black Panthers, monkeys and elephants, many birds species is home for a few sorts of wild animals. Its a beautiful city set in the midst of the Western Ghats situated at the bank of river Kali in Uttarkannada district.


You can stay at eco-friendly homestay and resorts. Sykes point, Supa Dam, Backwater, Kavala caverns, Anshi national park are the spots to visit in Dandeli. Presented with the thick forest and laying on the banks of the Kali river, Dandeli is really a fascinating blend of wildlife life, picturesque excellence, and adventure sports. There are so many best things to do which you can enjoy with your friends in dandeli.

Here are the few top things to do in Dandeli.

1. River Rafting

River rafting is a must-try in Dandeli. It is a stunning recreational water activity. The rafting will start from Ganeshgudi and will end up in Maulangi. It is only thing to do in june with your group friends in dandeli. You can go for river rafting from 9 towards the beginning of the day and proceed for 3 hours at a stretch. The charges for boating vary at times, however, it is around Rs. 1000 for an individual.

River Rafting
River Rafting

The best time for river rafting is in the winter season.[November to February]. Anyway, you can try in different months also, Rapids range between 2 to 4 grade which is great for a first timer as well as for an experienced rafter. rapids is an unmatched experience and must be tried at least once by every person.

2. Kayaking

Another experience filled water game is kayaking in the white waters of river Kali. Kayak is a thin, slender watercraft which can be worked utilizing a twofold bladed paddle. Dandeli is one of only a few couples of spots in India where you can learn kayaking.


So before hitting the white waters, mentors will guide you the basics of kayaking. It is only thing to do in december which you can enjoy with your soulmates in dandeli. You will be given a kayak and you are a great idea to go. Try not to pass up on the opportunity to visit little islands while kayaking.

3. Jungle Camping

If you are eager to sleep under the sky, Then Dandeli offers you the camp stays. Comfortable tents, lively bonfire, Landscape, & lush forest This jungle camp will make go a week on your knees. Embrace on a serene nature walk to explore all that Dandeli give a treat to your eyes & your cameras well.

 Jungle Camping
Jungle Camping

These jungle camps also have a list of other activities like Zipline, Trekking, Target Shooting, River Kayaking, River Boating, Coracle ride, Archery and Target shooting, Jacuzzi Bath in the river. It also offers you the South Indian Food including veg & Nonveg.

4. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a game which comprises of riding bikes rough off-road, frequently over unpleasant territory, utilizing uncommonly adjusted trailblazing bicycles. You can ride your way into the wilderness on a bike joined by a guide. Rare birds, plants are a typical sight. It gives a mind-blowing perspective on the Sahyadri Range.

Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking

There won’t be any exhausting minute while riding and it will be totally energizing. More than 2 hours you can go riding on bicycles capable of harsh precipitous territories. Contingent upon your determination, rides can be for a separation of 7 – 14km. You can also enjoy mountain biking at Bir billing.

5. Coracle Boat Ride

Coracles are primitive, light, bowl-shaped boats with a frame of woven grasses, reeds, or saplings covered with hides. A ride on a Coracle in the Calm waters of Kali may enable you to take a glimpse at the Crocodiles basking in the sun as well as Enticing Scenery.

coracle ride in dandeli
Coracle ride in Dandeli

Get into one with your family and enjoy the ride, watching the thick wild vegetation on the banks of the river. You will notice various birds and animals too. This trip takes a min of 1Hr duration which covers the 1.5 Km distance.

6. Trekking

Jungle trekking is an adventure journey through the thick forest where you get the chance to see nature, wild animals, butterflies, and rare birds. The journey is by walking where you cannot reach by vehicle.

Trekking isn’t mountaineering, it is days of walking along with adventure. Charge for trekking is Rs.250 per individual.

7. Natural Jacuzzi Bath

In Dandeli, you get most of the things are natural. Jacuzzi Bath is one where you get the regular back rub from spilling the water of river Kali. Nowhere else you find water so playful, so pure, so pacifying, crystal clear water, down the rapids of Kali River murmuring, giggling and purifying everything in their manner.

 Natural Jacuzzi Bath
Natural Jacuzzi Bath

Loosen up you’re mind in the crystal clear waters of the river and make the most of your visit without limit. The water which flows down from Supa Dam and sprinkles the water on the dark stones and cheats rapids at numerous spots. Springs of water, fresh air around, the twittering of birds and the blue sky above gives a stimulating foundation.

8. Bird Watching

Bird watching is the perception of birds as a recreational activity. It very well may be finished with the bare eye, or through the devices or by hearing the sound of birds. Its a journey along with the thick forest, where you get the opportunity to see nature, animals, butterflies, and birds. Dandeli is home for several nesting birds. There are around 300 types of birds in and around Dandeli, includes migrated birds.

Bird Watching
Bird Watching

Dandeli Jungle is a home for 4 types of hornbills out of world’s 9 species. You can discover both local and migrated birds. These incorporate the kingfisher, nectar flying creature, peacock, dark peaked bulbul, blue-headed pitta, wide charged roller, peaked snake bird, incredible hornbill, woodpecker, Malabar pied hornbill. October to March is a phenomenal season for migrated birds and a stay around at Ganeshgudi zone is prescribed for bird watchers.

9. Nature Walk

Dandeli is one of the notable untamed life goals, for all nature lovers. you could encounter some mind-boggling sights in the woods. Regard this as a chance to get nearer to nature.

Nature Walk
Nature Walk

Experience the noiseless hints of crocodile from the waterway and squeak sounds from the mammoth squirrels all alone. The Nature Walk will remove the stress and you will get the much need the relief and peace.

As far as relaxing goes, you can get started on a nature walk just taking note of the sounds that surround you. The different bird sounds. the wind sound and how it may change in different areas you may walk. Listen to the sound of small water trickles or larger streams and brooks. Listen to different wildlife sounds. This isn’t a race, you can move along slowly and take in the sounds you notice.

10. River Crossing

River Crossing is one of the adventure game in Dandeli where visitors need to cross the river utilizing a security bridle that is attached to the rope which is attached to both the sides of a river and the water flows below. This activity is offered by many resorts in Dandeli.

River Crossing
River Crossing

They also give a well-trained guide. It is a difficult challenge on the grounds that there will be a great deal of pressure and need a decent equalization. You are put into the errand of you are depended upon to cross this stream working in groups. Relish the experience.

11. Jungle Safari

Jungle safari is an exciting activity for the tourists and an opportunity to sight the extensive and exclusive wildlife in Dandeli sanctuary. Home to various wildlife animals and birds, the Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve, situated in the Western Ghats.

This safari held twice in a day. Morning at 6 and the evening at 4 pm. For the morning space, you would be driven from Dandeli to Kulgi at 5 am.

Jungle Safari
Jungle Safari

Here you are moved onto an open jeep of the forest department and the safari starts right from there. A similar safari can be attempted at evening for which you would need to begin at 3:30 pm and you would return at 6 pm. The whole safari from the begin to the end would take around 3.5 hours.

With a well, a trained guide through the forest zone share the complete interesting details about the wildlife animals. Tigers, panthers, and even black jaguars, elephants, gaur, deer, pronghorns, a different type of reptiles and birds.

12. Zorbing

It is another recreational adventure game of rolling downhill inside a straightforward ball called zorb, by and large, made of transparent plastic.


This game held in very few places and Dandeli is one of it. You can enjoy the water zorbing to get relaxed & stress-free time.

13. Canyoning

This is a popular adventure sport in Dandeli. Canyoning in the Dandeli forest can speak to a range of exercises some of which are generally rock exercises and some water exercises. Like Rappelling, this is additionally the controlled plummet down a stone face utilizing a rope when a cliff or slope is too steep or dangerous to descend without protection.


Ideally, youngsters enjoy this game. it covers a lot of risks while canyoning. The basic thought is to get down waterfalls and mountain streams utilizing a blend of jumping, abseiling & natural water slides.

14. Jeep Safari

This is an exciting activity for the sightseers and a chance to find wildlife animals & birds. Jeep Safari is an exciting movement, which goes through the thick Dandeli forest and is one of the top activities to do in Dandeli. There are many resorts offers this activity in Dandeli.

Jeep Safari
Jeep Safari


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