7 Popular Things to Buy in Darjeeling for Shopaholics

Things To Buy In DarjeelingThings To Buy In Darjeeling

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Darjeeling resembles a chilly cold paradise on earth with picturesque natural beauty, bright hues, and a handful of delightful memories. Situated in the heart of Himalayan foothills, this beautiful hill station conjures the vision of snow-crowned peaks, vibrant green hills steeped in serenity and splendour, and flaming red rhododendrons mixed in beauty and tranquillity.

No wonder Darjeeling is bathed in all hues of nature. However, besides the sparkling natural brilliance under the azure sky, Darjeeling is also a potential shopping hub for tourists. Every year, it hosts more than thousands of tourists who come not just to experience the natural enigma of Darjeeling but also to shop a wide range of rare products from this beautiful place.

The commercial zone of Darjeeling is largely dominated by the Tibetans, who sell woollens, carpets, handicrafts, and other hand-made goods. Besides, Darjeeling being a place covered with emerald green tea bushes offers you the best quality Darjeeling tea throughout the market. All in all, shopping in Darjeeling is an absolute delight and an experience worth cherishing.

Best Things to Buy While Shopping in Darjeeling

So, let’s check out some of the best things worth buying as you visit this place.

Hand Knitted Items

Where to buy: New Mahakal Market

If you are at Darjeeling and haven’t picked up some hand-knitted winter essentials for yourselves, then I tell you, you’re just going to repent for sure. Darjeeling is the place where you get some beautifully hand-knitted winter items at the cheapest rates that you can find nowhere else. There’s a range of attractive shawls, creative patterned sweaters, caps, winter coats, and lots more that you can pick at an affordable price.

And the amount of warmth that you receive from these hand-knitted winter clothes during the cooler months is something that you can’t feel until you experience it. So, never on these items when you visit Darjeeling. To get these items, you need to head straight to the Mahakal Market (former Bhutia Market) and don’t forget to get prepared for bargaining because that’s the most important thing while shopping here.

Darjeeling  Tea

Where to buy: Chowrasta, The Small Cafes, Nathmull’s tea shop, Darjeeling teahouse, Sunset Lounge, Goodricke

Shopping in Darjeeling is incomplete without picking some of the best varieties of Darjeeling tea. So, to get the real essence of Darjeeling, buying this tea is a must. While most of the stores sell the tea, the smaller boutiques offer some of the finest blends. Nathmulls Tea & Sunset Lounge, House of Tea, etc., are some of the favoured destinations for Darjeeling tea.

Woollen Items

Where to buy: Dragon Market

Woollen clothes and Darjeeling go hand in hand. So, if you haven’t made plans to buy one, you’re surely going to miss a big part of the show. Among woolen items, you get hats, scarves, sweaters, jackets, frocks, shawls, and lots more. One of the best places to pick these is, of course, the Mahakal Market, as mentioned earlier. Apart from that, you can also get these items at the Dragon Market, where you can find plenty of fancy things too.

Handicrafts & Souvenirs

Where to buy: Chowrasta

These are the items that hold memories and emotions together. And Darjeeling is a place of sheer joy and merry-making calls for handicrafts and souvenirs for sure. Right at the Chowrasta or Mall Road, you can find a plethora of intricately handcrafted showpieces and decor items that you can take back as a memoir.

Tibetan Artifacts

Where to buy: Flea Markets, Dorjee Himalayan Artifacts and Ava Art Gallery

Tibetan artifacts showcase some unique craftsmanship and skill of the artisans that are rare to find. Besides, Darjeeling offers these items at the most reasonable rate. Thus, it’s a must-buy in Darjeeling. You can get Tibetan artifacts including, traditional masks, figurines, prayer beads, etc., in the Mall Road.

Tibetan Carpets and Wood Items

Where to buy: Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center

Tibetan carpets & wood items are another set of unique belongings that replicates the tradition of Darjeeling in the form of art. Thus, it’s a great thing to take back home or gift your loved ones. You can get them at the Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center at affordable rates.


Where to buy: Oxford Book Store

If you are an avid book-lover and planning to pick some good novels from your favorite author, then Oxford Book & Stationery Co. is your destination. This cute book store is located at the Mall and is beautifully designed in an old-school architecture of fretwork and pitched roof. It’s been a landmark store of Darjeeling for over 60 years and includes a collection of books, including the ones based on Darjeeling, Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, and more. 

Cheap electronics

Where to buy: Chowk Bazaar

If electronics at the lowest rate is what you were craving for long, the Darjeeling’s Chowk Bazar will serve you right. Here, you can get mobile phones, chargers, power banks, home appliances, and much more at the cheapest and best rates. So if you are a tech-enthusiast, don’t miss this chance.

Wrap Up!

While tripping and shopping in Darjeeling is incomplete without buying these items, it is worth mentioning that the major takeaway out of your trip is memories and smiles. The materialistic belongings are all about holding those smiles and memories together and reliving them.


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