14 Best Spots For River Rafting In India


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  1. Barapole River Rafting in Coorg

1. Ganga River Rafting in Rishikesh

River Rafting in rishikesh in India is a daring sport for adults but also a super fun activity for children. Offered under professional guidance, tourists can enjoy a fist adventure when trying rafting in Rishikesh.

To be captivated by the extraordinary waters of the Ganges, tourists can book a fishing trip in Rishikesh from Delhi and have a memorable adventure with their loved ones.

Also for non-swimmers, rafting in Rishikesh is not a concern, as experts take care of your safety, allowing you a tingling adventure with the waters of the Ganga River. Take advantage of one of our river rafting Packages in india for electrifying experiences.

Ganga River in Rishikesh
Ganga River in Rishikesh

Rishikesh has become a refuge for rafting enthusiasts. The cost of rafting varies from just INR 300 to only INR 1100, offering an economic experience so that everyone can quench their thirst for adventure.

There are many amazing water sports destinations in India, including Rishikesh.

With the river rapids full of fun that greet you on this adventure, the Ganges in Rishikesh has nothing to do with expectations by granting an exciting getaway in the picturesque atmosphere of spirituality that abounds in the city of Rishikesh. You can also enjoy the 2D & 1N Camping in Rishikesh.

Location: Rishikesh

Ideal duration to complete: 1 hr.

Best time to go: September – October

Difficulty level: medium

How to reach:

Road/Rail: The nearest railhead to Rishikesh is in Haridwar which is approximately 25 kilometers away.

Airport: Jolly Grant airport at Dehradun is the nearest airport to Rishikesh which is approximately 35 kilometers away.

Cost: 600 to 1300 INR

2. Barapole River Rafting in Coorg

The raft only covers a distance of around 3-4 km, but in this section, the rapids are grade 4-5. Rafting takes place at any time between 09:00 AM and 03:00 PM.

Rafting on the Barapole River in the southern part of Coorg is one of the most challenging river rafting experiences in South India.

Barapole River in Coorg
Barapole River in Coorg

In general, this rafting session on the river continues until approximately 3 hours, so it is necessary to attend a training session. Once the training session is over, wear your helmet.

Life jacket, settle on the raft, hold your oars properly and prepare to handle fast rapids such as Big Bang, Coffee Morning, Ramba Samba, Wicked Witch and Grasshopper. This rafting is ideal for expert beams.

Location: Barapole

Ideal duration to complete: approximately 3 hours

Best time to go: October to March 

Difficulty level: Moderate

How to reach:

Road/Rail: Mukkali railway station is the closest railhead

Airport:  Mangalore airport is about 135 km away from Coorg

Kundalika is a beautiful river that originates in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra and ends in the Arabian Sea near the creek in Roha. The river flows through thick forests and rice fields of a region of what was once the princely state of Bhor.

3. Kundalika River Rafting in Kolad

Kundalika River in Kolad
Kundalika River in Kolad

It is the best river rafting in india in Maharashtra where rafting is possible. This river has two hydroelectric plants in Bhira and Raval.

River rafting in India is done at the exit of these hydroelectric projects.

The rafting experience is very pleasant with a 13 km stretch with good grade III and grade IV rapids.

Location: Kolad

Ideal duration to complete: 2 hrs – 2.5 hrs

Best time to go:

Difficulty level: Medium             

How to reach:

Road/Rail: Railway Station(s): Kolad (KOL)

Airport: Kolad does not have an airport. The nearest airport is Lohegaon Airport.

Cost: Rs. 2400/- (per person)

4. Kali River Rafting in Dandeli

The best rafting tours in Dandeli are an impressive recreational water activity. As rafting is an exciting adventure activity, doing it under the supervision of an expert is an obligation and Dandeli has guides who are experts in the sport.

Kari River in Dandeli
Kari River in Dandeli

The rafts used for this activity are inflatable boats, which consist of very durable multi-layer rubber or vinyl fabrics with several independent air chambers.

The length of these varies from 20 feet, with a width of 8 feet down; to very portable hand packs for a single person that can be as small as 4.9 feet in length.

These can weigh as little as 1.8 kg. As Dandeli is a tourist destination that respects the environment, rafting here can be fun. The rapids vary between 2 and 4 degrees, which is ideal for a first-timer, as well as for an experienced beam.

Location: Dandeli

Ideal duration to complete: 4 hours

Best time to go: February

Difficulty level:  Medium-Difficult

How to reach:

Road/Rail:  Alnavar Junction

Airport: Hubli (Approx 56 km)

Cost: Rs 1800-2000/- (activity only)

5. Beas River Rafting at Kullu Manali

The Beas River is a river which is located in north India at Kullu Manali. The river rises in the Himalayas and flows for around 470 kilometers to meet the Sutlej River of Punjab.

Beas River at Kullu Manali
Beas River at Kullu Manali

The total length of the Beas River is approximately 470 kilometers. It is one of the best places for river rafting in india. Here you can enjoy a lot of other activities also. It is easy to reach this place.

Location: Near Manali 

Ideal duration to complete: about 1.5 hours 

Best time to go: July and September

Difficulty level: Medium to challenging/ II and III Grade

How to reach:

Road/Rail: Jogindernagar

Airport: Kullu

Cost: Starts at Rs. 550 per rafting covering a particular distance.

6. Zanskar River Rafting in Ladakh

Reputed as one of the most dazzling regions of the Himalayas, the Zanskar Valley is full of small treasures of nature, from snow-capped mountains, from glaciers to its captivating gorges with the Zanskar River flowing right next to it.

The rafting expedition on the Zanskar River also offers an exciting opportunity to fight its turbulent waters through exciting rafting sessions.

Zanskar River in Ladakh
Zanskar River in Ladakh

The views from Leh to the starting point of the rafting site in Remala are part of a spectacular landscape full of beautiful passes and villages, as well as some majestic monasteries that add to the overall experience.

Perched at 12,000 feet, rafting enthusiasts can bounce off the fast rapids and enjoy a relaxing experience on the banks of the Zanskar River. This exciting adventure is enhanced by the stunning landscapes that, together, make one of the most unforgettable trips.

Location: Ladakh

Ideal duration to complete: 2.5 hrs

Best time to go: monsoons

Difficulty level:  Grade II and III rapids

How to reach:

Road/Rail: The nearest railway station to Ladakh is in Tawi

Airport: The nearest airport is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport located in Leh. 

Cost:  Rs. 1500 to Rs. 1800

7. Teesta River Rafting in Sikkim

Tourism in Sikkim is incomplete if you have not experienced rafting on the Teesta River. Rafting in Sikkim is one of the popular adventure activities that one can enjoy along with family members.

The Himalayan wonderland, Sikkim, greets you with its two powerful rivers: Teesta and Rangit.

Teesta River Rafting, Sikkim
Teesta River Rafting, Sikkim

The Teesta River originates from the Himalayas Trek in the east and produces white water foams, and perhaps some of the best rafting sections in the world.

The long stretch of the Teesta River is excellent for beginner rafting, as well as for experienced beams. The longest river rafting in India has more swirling waters that offer a challenge to the experienced beams.

Location: Bhalkhola

Ideal duration to complete: 30 mins

Best time to go: March

Difficulty level: ranked at grade 4

How to reach:

Road/Rail: The nearest railway station to Gangtok is about 148 kilometers 

Airport: The airport nearest to Gangtok is about 124 kilometers

Cost: INR 800 

8. Brahmaputra River Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh

It is no secret that most prefer rafts in Arunachal Pradesh because it is remote and virgin.

The home of one of the most powerful rivers on the planet, the Brahmaputra, attracts a lot of attention from the beams and those coming from Arunachal. One of the largest tributaries of the Brahmaputra is the Subansari River.

Brahmaputra River in Arunachal Pradesh
Brahmaputra River in Arunachal Pradesh

Those who wish to practice kayaking in the white waters of Arunachal of this wild river that houses deep gorges will enjoy the excitement of their lives.

It is known that the river passes through the most remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh.

Location: Arunachal Pradesh

Ideal duration to complete: 2 hrs

Best time to go: Early November to March-end

Difficulty level: Grade 4 and above

How to reach:

Road/Rail: Ziro is at Naharalagun

Airport: The nearest airport from Ziro is at Jorhat

Cost: 900 INR

9. Yamuna River Rafting in Uttarakhand

Rafting in Uttarakhand will be a perfect getaway for you if you want an adventure in life. Most of the state is in the Himalayas, and several small and large rivers flow through it.

Yamuna river in Uttrakhand
Yamuna river in Uttrakhand

Certain sections of Yamuna, Saryu, Kali, Ganga, Gori Ganga, Kosi, and Ramganga are used by the tour organizers to perform this exciting water sport.

The state has good road and rail connectivity with the rest of India, so all the rafting places here are within easy reach.

Location: Uttarakhand

Ideal duration to complete: 3.5 hrs

Best time to go: Mid September to Mid June

Difficulty level: levels 3 and 4

How to reach:

Road/Rail: railway stations which connect Uttarakhand with Lucknow, Delhi, Kolkata

Airport: Pantnagar Airport 

Cost: 950 per head

10. Spiti River Rafting in Himachal Pradesh

The Rivers of Himachal Pradesh are exciting and difficult to conquer, boosting the spirit and adrenaline of the river beams, no doubt.

It is a challenge for the body, mind, and soul and with waters that run at speeds above human reach levels, any adventure seeker with guts.

Spiti River in Himachal Pradesh
Spiti River in Himachal Pradesh

Determination will want to overcome the challenge while having fun too. In addition, when you are busy taming the wild force of nature, the banks on both sides of the river rafting in India in Himachal Pradesh are densely populated with flora.

Fauna (which you can observe while taking a hot air balloon trip) that will leave you panting. It is an out of the world experience, unique in its class that would make you come back for more.

Location:  Kinnaur

Ideal duration to complete: 30 mins

Best time to go: Summers

Difficulty level: Grade II and III 

How to reach:

Road/Rail:  take a train to Himachal Pradesh

Airport: airports have flights from Himachal Pradesh to Delhi and Chandigarh

Cost: 650 per head

11. Kameng River Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is a beautiful state of the northeast, known for its lush surroundings and stunning landscapes. The rivers in the state feed on snow throughout the year, which makes rafting a popular activity amidst experienced beams due to the difficult waters.

Kameng River in Arunachal Pradesh
Kameng River in Arunachal Pradesh

The state is known for being the home of the powerful Brahmaputra River and its tributaries, including the Subansari, Siang and Lohit River, which attract rafting enthusiasts worldwide.

Location: Arunachal Pradesh

Ideal duration to complete: 1 hr

Best time to go: early November to end of March

Difficulty level: Grade 4 and above

How to reach:

Airport: From Delhi can take a flight to this place

12. Alaknanda River Rafting in Uttarakhand

The place of Jayalgarh marked by the luxurious Eco Lodges of the Himalayas is an extraordinary site for those looking for rafting on the Alaknanda River.

This campsite is located in the middle of the picturesque landscape of the magnificent surroundings with the accommodations equipped with first-class facilities and services.

Alaknanda River in Uttrakhand
Alaknanda River in Uttrakhand

Moreover, the excellent positioning of this camp in Jayalgarh offers one to navigate in the five rivers of Alaknanda, Ganga, Bhagirathi, Pinder, and Mandakini.

This luxurious campsite is not only adorned with green forests that host a wide variety of exotic birds but also houses several beautiful fields by the river rafting in India.

The turbulent waters are the idyllic site for rafting enthusiasts and the white sand shores serve as an excellent playground.

Location: Jayalgarh

Ideal duration to complete: 30 min

Best time to go: Feb mid-June & mid-Sep Dec

Difficulty level: moderate to difficult, II and III level

How to reach:

Road/Rail: Railway stations which connect Uttarakhand with Lucknow, Delhi, Kolkata

13. Lohit River Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh

The Lohit River is a river in Arunachal Pradesh in India. It is a tributary of the Brahmaputra River. The Lohit River rises in eastern Tibet, in the Zayal Chu range and crosses Arunachal Pradesh for two hundred kilometers, before stripping off the plains of Assam.

Lohit River in Arunachal Pradesh
Lohit River in Arunachal Pradesh

Stormy and turbulent, and known as the river of blood, only partly attributable to lateritic soil, flows through the Mishmi Hills, to meet the Siang at the head of the Brahmaputra valley. The valley of the Lohit is full of surprises.  

It is a continuous middle-class river of class 4 + / 5 in its upper alpine part and becomes a pool fall towards the last end of the trip.

The river rafting in India was first started in February 1994 by the Indian Army and the first successful kayak descent from the river in December 2003.

Location: Eastern Tibet

Ideal duration to complete: 30 min

Best time to go: Early November to March-end

Difficulty level: Level 4 and above

How to reach:

Airport: By Air From Delhi

14. Bhagirathi River Rafting in Uttarakhand

River rafting in India is an adventure sport that fascinates a large number of people these days. Rafting is a recreational activity in the use of an inflatable raft to cross a river or any other body of water.

Rafting in Uttarakhand is just river rafting. Commercially practiced, rafting is the most beloved aquatic activity.

Bhagirathi River in Uttrakhand
Bhagirathi River in Uttrakhand

White water is formed when rivers fall down the slope at high speed and generate great turbulence that causes air to be trapped in water and foamy water appears to be white. White water rafting or different degrees of wild or rough water can be done.

Location: Uttarakhand

Ideal duration to complete:  1 hr

Best time to go: October to mid-May

Difficulty level: III level

How to reach:

Road/Rail: Can reach there by bush, rail and by air also linked with a different part of the country.

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