11 Beautiful Resorts in Bhandardara For Perfect Stay


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The holiday season has finally arrived, and it is that time of the year when we should pack our bags and leave for an incredible vacation with our friends or family. Hence, are you planning to go somewhere this holiday season and need clarification about where to go? Then it would be best if you quit stressing.

In this article, we will discuss the best resorts in Bhandardara. Bhandardara is situated on the banks of the Waiganga river, Satpura range cuts in the region on the northern part, and in the open countryside, you can find a plethora of impressive waterfalls and lakes.

Bhandardara is an excellent place to enjoy the weekend, and the resorts in Bhandardara are the perfect place to relax and enjoy the surreal atmosphere. Below is a list of resorts in Bhandardara where you can plan your stay and have an incredible vacation.

Best Resorts in Bhandardara You Should Visit

Below is a list of resorts in Bhandardara where you can plan your stay and have an incredible vacation.

1. Anandvan resort

Anandvan resort

Anandvan resort is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the surreal nature. It is perched at an astounding height of 2800 ft above sea level and situated in the mesmerizing Sahyadri hills. This best resort in Bhandardara is secluded from the rest of the world and located in a great environment away from the city’s hustle. It can be easily accessible from other significant places like Mumbai, etc. The Anandvan resort is known for providing its guest with an exceptional holiday experience. Whether you are planning to travel with friends or family, it will be a perfect weekend travel destination. The stay choices in Anandvan resort include the natural bungalows, suits, present-day manors, etc., which are filled with posh and comforts of life.

Distance from Bhandardara – 5.7 kilometers

Amenities – 

  • Indoor games
  • Evening activities
  • Boating and fishing
  • Cycling
  • Bullock cart ride
  • Kid’s swimming pool

Address – Ghatghar Road, Bhandardara, Shendi, Maharastra- 414601

Contact – +919137668535

Pricing – Starts from INR 2100

2. Nature leap resort

Nature leap resort

As the name suggests, this resort in Bhandardara is situated in nature’s lap. This resort provides a 360-degree view of the Vaitarna dam and Sahyadri slopes. Nature leap resort offers an excellent opportunity to indulge in various activities, such as camping with a bonfire this winter, experiencing rice cultivation in monsoon, and culling new mangoes in the summer. It shall surely provide you with a unique and enriching experience. Moreover, the nature leap resort’s serene and aesthetic environment offers a fantastic opportunity to rejuvenate and relax amidst nature.

Distance from Bhandardara – 57.2 kilometers


  • Swimming shower
  • wifi
  • Free parking
  • Smoking rooms
  • Play area
  • Pet friendly

Address – Upper Vaitarna supply, Vaitarna Dam , Gate no 246, opp Ghoti Vaitarna Road

Contact – 08048030233

 Pricing – Price starts from INR 4292

3. Tropical retreat resort

Tropical retreat resort

To experience the unparalleled beauty of embracing nature, you should visit the tropical retreat resort in Bhandardara. This resort is a weekend getaway in itself; it is a luxury resort, and spa spread sprawling area of 8.5 acres of land. Staying in this resort is an ideal choice for leisure and relaxation. This resort’s extraordinary facilities ensure a memorable staying experience with an unmatched level of luxury which you might not have experienced elsewhere. 

Distance from Bhandardara – 45.9 kilometers


  • Spa
  • Kid’s jungle gym
  • Yard region
  • Free internet
  • Swimming pool
  • Adventure zone
  • Poolside bar

Address – Pimpri Phata, National Highway No-3, Behind PWD Office in Igatpuri

Contact – 8268767676

 Pricing – Price starts from Rs 6000

4. Mystic valley spa resort

Mystic valley spa resort

Situated in a glorifying and beautiful spot, Mystic valley spa resort is one of the best resorts in Bhandardara. Miles away from the trap of commercialization, this resort showcases a natural and pristine ambiance that will surely calm your soul and stressful mind. This place is packed with all the necessary amenities to extend a comfortable stay to all its guests, offering a private country club service. Though this resort beholds a beautiful look throughout the year, monsoon is the best season to visit this place. The rains turn the entire region into a green haven offering a soothing vision to the eyes. Whether you yearn for a long-planned vacation with your family or alone with someone special, Mystic valley spa resort will prove to be the ideal host. The resort also offers various spa therapies that are sure to rejuvenate you. 

Distance from Bhandardara – 51.4 km


  • Swimming pool
  • Spa services 
  • Game room 
  • Magic show
  • Horse riding 
  • Live Band 
  • DJ weekend 
  • Pot making

Address – 284 A/B, Mumbai Agra Road, Talegaon, Igatpuri, Maharashtra

Contact – 9850002236

Pricing – The cost of staying at this resort starts from INR 2100. 

5. Savana resort

Savana resort

Offering an unending view of the lush natural greenery, Savana resort is just the perfect spot for spending the weekend. This resort provides an eco-friendly vacation experience in a calm and serene environment. A stay at this resort offers the lifetime experience of spending your weekend amidst the majestic Sahyadri mountain range. The resort outlooks the glittering waters of the Waldevi River at one end. The stunning 16 acres of the resort offer various exciting activities, ensuring you enjoy an exciting and fun-filled stay. 

Distance from Bhandardara – 59.3 km


  • Mango plantations 
  • Children’s playing area 
  • Indoor and outdoor games 
  • Barbeque
  • Fishing 
  • Boating 

Address – Survey No. 153, Post- Dahegaon, Waldevi Dam Backwaters, Mumbai Nashik Highway

Contact – 912532575822

Pricing – The costs of staying at this resort start from INR 6800

6. Rain forest resort

Rain forest resort

Situated at the height of 2000 feet above sea level, Rain forest resort is surrounded by lush greenery and a serene ambiance. The calm atmosphere of this place makes it ideal for a family outing, corporate meets, and a weekend date with friends. It offers a sophisticated outlook, modern amenities, and facilities, offering a pleasant stay to the tourist. This resort is well furnished with modern furniture and elegantly designed living rooms that will make you want to stay more. The contemporary kitchen facility, private garden and deck, exclusive dining area, and spacious living area offer a homely feel. 

Distance from Bhandardara – 30 km 


  • Spa services 
  • Gym
  • Table tennis
  • Trekking
  • In-house restaurant 

Address – Gut No. 98, Mumbai Nashik Highway, NH3, Igatpuri, Maharashtra

Contact – 8899117274

Pricing – The costs of staying at this resort start from INR 1700 

7. Yash resort

Yash resort

Spreading across a vast area of 3.5 acres, Yash resort is another best-rated resort in Bhandardara worth visiting. This ideal place is perfect for birthday or anniversary parties, family get-togethers, and wedding ceremonies. Additionally, the location is close to various mythological and historical landmarks, thus making the place a perfect choice for excursions and sightseeing. A stay at this resort greets you with warm hospitality, delicious mouth-watering delicacies, delightful services, and abundant natural beauty. The resort’s relaxing, modern, and essential amenities ensure that all its patrons have an enjoyable and unforgettable weekend. 

Distance from Bhandardara – 5.2 km


  • Conference hall 
  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor games
  • Kids playing corner 
  • Free wifi 
  • Dining area 
  • 24-hour security 

Address – Akole Taluk, Bhandardara, Maharashtra

Contact – 09119485999

Pricing – The costs of staying at this resort start from INR 2000

8. Wanderlust resort

Now give yourself a much-required break from the monotonous busy city life, and spend a relaxing weekend at the Wanderlust Resort. To meet the requirements of all its guests, the resort has various types of rooms to offer, such as a standard suite, king suite, family suite, etc. The resort has a state-of-the-art swimming pool and the main attraction center. The place even has a separate pool for children, ensuring that your little munchkins are not left out of the fun. Wanderlust resort also has a conference hall with all the essential facilities, making it the perfect destination for top-level negotiations and corporate meetings. 

Distance from Bhandardara – 11.7 km


  • Indoor games
  • Badminton 
  • Nature walks
  • Dam exploration 
  • Fruit plucking 
  • Adult and kid’s swimming pool

Address – Ghoti Rajur Road, near Waaki Bungalow, Bhandardara, Maharashtra

Contact – 918380806262

Pricing – The costs of staying at this resort start from INR 2200

9. The grand gardens resort

The Grand Gardens Resort is one place in Bhandardara that reunites your soul with nature. The place offers a 360-degree view of the giant Sahayadri Mountain. The resort’s design is elegantly structured, offering much-needed relaxation for the weekend. The site reaches its zenith during the monsoon, when the rain removes the last traces of dust and dirt, revealing an eye-soothing natural green cover. The resort provides a wide range of accommodations to meet the requirements of all its visitors. The attentive service, blissful atmosphere, simplicity, elegance of the structure, and modern facilities will surely complement your dream holiday. 

Distance from Bhandardara – 43.8 km


  • Spa services 
  • Rock climbing 
  • Free parking 
  • Room administration 
  • Children’s play area 
  • Jogging track 

Address – NH3, Mumbai Agra Highway, Near Government Rest House, Pimpri-Bahuli Road, Igatpuri, Maharashtra

Contact – 08007291234

Pricing – The costs of staying at this resort start from INR 7056

10. Manas resort

Built-in a graceful location of the beautiful Kasara Ghat, Manas Resort in Igatpuri holds the title of one of the best resorts in Bhandardara, which sees a vast visitor turnout. The place is nestled amongst lush and rich greenery accounting for its bucolic surrounding. Beautiful ornamental plants, deep gorges, and gurgling creeks surround this resort. Moreover, Manas Resort is frequently visited by several species of butterflies and birds. And what can be more enjoyable than waking up to the sounds of the chirping birds? To add to the staying experience, the place offers various exciting activities such as traditional dance, sightseeing, and many more. If you are a foodie, Manas resort will surely enhance your taste buds with its delicious menus.

Distance from Bhandardara – 51.3 km

Amenities –

  • DJ nights 
  • Ghazal nights 
  • Kids zone and children’s pool 
  • Outdoor and indoor games 

Address- Ghatghar Road, Bhandardara, Shendi, Maharashtra

Contact – 9222277720

Pricing The costs of staying at this resort start from INR 2800

11. Shagun resort

Shagun resorts is a unique resort featuring a water park. The water park offers various exciting activities such as a rain dance, slides, a wave pool, and many more. The place is surrounded by cascading waterfall, green forest cover, and incredible terrain, which completes the place’s scenic beauty. This charming resort is still untouched by the tentacles of urbanization, letting you enjoy a peaceful vacation with your family. 

Distance from Bhandardara – 39.8 Km 


  • Water park
  • Free parking 
  • Free wifi
  • Children’s playing area 
  • Organic farm 

Address – Near Ghoti Toll Plaza, Mumbai Nashik Highway, Igatpuri, Maharashtra

Contact – 918669513555

Pricing – The costs of staying at this resort start from INR 5000 

Wrap Up!

Hence, above, we have discussed some of the fantastic resorts in Bhandardara that you can prefer to visit to enjoy a memorable weekend with friends and family. All the resorts mentioned above shall allow you to witness the surreal and calm nature and stay close to nature.

You can enjoy and relax and get relief from the daily hustle of city life. We have also mentioned the amenities, address, contact, pricing, and distance from Bhandardara of each resort which would help you choose any of the above resorts at your convenience. 


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