10 Best Places to Visit in South Sikkim


One of the most beautiful places that you could explore in north-eastern India is the state of Sikkim. It is the home to the mighty Kanchenjunga. Khangchendzonga National Park covers approximately 35% of the state, and hence one can very well imagine the rich biodiversity of the state. If you love adventures like rafting, Trekking, camping, and exploring wildlife, we suggest that this should be your ideal destination. Today, we will help you explore South Sikkim by bringing you a list of unique places that you can visit-


Namchi is the headquarters of South Sikkim and located 100 km from Gangtok and 110 km from Siliguri. Namchi is famous for the Buddhist monasteries and the religious and spiritual activities. It also produces the best quality of tea. The best time to go would be from March to October.


If you are looking for an adventure like Trekking, then Borong it is. You can start your adventure trekking from Namchi and then go through Tendong, Rabong, and Maenam and finally reach Borong. On your way, you can see a mesmerizing view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. You can visit Borong throughout the year, but if you intend to feel the festival of Borong on the banks of the Rangeet River, then February is the best month to visit. 


It is situated on the banks of the river Rangeet. You can visit Sikip throughout the year, but if your aim is specifically rafting, you should visit Sikip from March to May and October to December. As of now, Sikip doesn’t have any hotels, but you can always opt for affordable homestays, and you can surely go camping.


If you are planning to view the Greater Himalayas, then we suggest you visit Ravangla. You can see Rayong, about 8 km from Ravangla. Ravangla provides a pleasant climate in the summer. It has some breathtaking monasteries andAlso has a rich diversity of flora and fauna, such as a rich forest of magnolia, rhododendron, and chestnut oak. The Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit to explore. The best time to visit is the months of April to June and August to September.


One of the major towns of South Sikkim is Jorethang. It has a moderate climate. It is famous for the Akar Suspension Bridge. A temple called SisneMandir is located near the bridge. The best time to visit in January.


Rabong will be the base of your trekking journey to Maenam Hill and Borong. It also has some very famous sightseeing such as Lake Chozo, Ralong Monastery, Manilakhang, and a Pilgrimage Centre. You can also visit the ‘SharChokBhepu’ cave. The best time to visit is from March to June and October to November.

Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary

It is located above Tendong hill. It provides shelter to the Goral, Red Panda, Barking deer, Civet-Cats, Magpies, and a wide variety of animals and birds. You can visit here throughout the year.


The most beautiful pilgrimage center in South Sikkim is Solophok. The main temple is 108 feet high, and on it sits Lord Shiva, which is 87 feet tall. You can visit this temple by road. It provides for the religious and cultural environment and holds cultural activities, seminars, etc. Tourists can visit here throughout the year.

Siddheshwar Dham

Dham is located in the hills of Solophak, and the nearest town is Namchi. Hindus consider it as the main pilgrimage center. The major attraction of this Dham is the massive 108 feet high sitting Lord Shiva. You can visit here throughout the year.

Temi Tea Garden

It happens to be the only tea garden in the state which produces world-class tea. It is situated in Tendong hill and has a very old British Bungalow. It is also the home to cherry trees, cardamom trees, Rusty-bellied trees, and a wide species of flora and fauna. You can visit these Gardens throughout the year.

Hence, if you are looking for an escape from the busy schedule into the laps of Nature and someone who seeks religious spirituality, South Sikkim is your destination. South Sikkim will bring you one step closer to inner peace.


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