One Day Trip Near Bangalore | Top 15 Options for This Year

One Day Trip Near Bangalore
One Day Trip Near Bangalore

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People who live in Bangalore city, their life become monotonous and busy. To complete lots of work within deadline, can create more pressure and you lose sanity. People only get the weekend when they can enjoy it, but at the weekend all pubs and restaurants are overcrowded. We sure, no one likes an overcrowded place, that’s why they search for some places where they find peace. If you only have time at the weekend, then there are several places to visit near Bangalore city.

Here you will find the list of places for visiting near Bangalore.


Ramanagaram is the first place on this list because we all know seen this village in the movie. If you don’t remember where you have seen it, then we hope you remember Sholay movie and Ramgarh village, for this movie took a shot from here. However, Ramanagaram is the ideal place for those who want to go on an adventurous trip for one day.

  • Total distance from Bangalore- 50 KM
  • Time: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Things to experience- camping, rappelling, cave exploration, and trekking

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is the ideal destination for those who want to go for a long drive from Bangalore. You will definitely enjoy your long drive with beautiful sceneries. Once you reach on a destination, then you can participate in many activities like trekking in the meadows or cycling to the hills with your friends. The name Nandi hills are derived from the Nandi’s statue that is placed at the door of the temple of Yoganandeeshwara. In the morning, just spend a few times here and see a beautiful sunrise and also enjoy the view of the pristine valley.

  • Distance from Bangalore- 62KM
  • Time for travel- 2 hours
  • Things that you should try- cycling, sunrise, and trekking


A person who is interested in wildlife, the Kabini is like a beacon for them. The Kabini is basically a part of the reserve. You should take a tour of the Nagarhole national park, jungle safari, and Kabini dam that is located nearby. This is one of the best places in this list for one day trip near Bangalore.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 216 Km
  • Time from travel- 4 hours
  • Things to do: boating, forest safari, kayaking, elephant safari


Bheemeshwari is located just adjacent to the Cauvery River. This place is famous for its fauna and flora’s range. People who live in Bangalore mostly choose this destination for its jungle lodge, trekking trails, varieties of adventure sports, and campus. If you plan for a day trip and enjoy everything, then Bheemashwari is the best place for you. Enjoy your peaceful environment by doing trekking, river rafting, camping, etc.

  • Total distance for travel from Bangalore- 106km
  • Time for travel- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Things you should try- jumaring, river rafting, and trekking


Shivanasamudram waterfall is one of the most popular places to visit one day trip that is situated near Bangalore. If you want to spend some quality time with your family, friends and go for a long drive through NH209 the sure; you will enjoy the beautiful scenery. In this place, you will also find greenery and a beautiful temple that makes it unique.

  • Distance from Bangalore- 135.5 km
  • Time for travel- 3 hours
  • Activities that you can experience- nature walk, trekking, and photography

Yelagiri Hills

Yelagiri hills station is located in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore district. It is the best vacation destination for people who spend their weekends in a beautiful hotel and the core of nature. You can capture and absorb attractive scenic views, or you can go for trekking. You should also visit the telescope house and also spend some time appreciating the beauty of Lake. Apart from that, it is the best spot for a picnic with your family.

  • Distance that you have to cover from Bangalore- 212 km
  • Total traveling time- 4 hours
  • Things that you should try- trekking and hiking


Many people called this attractive waterfall as the Niagra Falls of the east. People love to see the magical view of this waterfall that is the masterpiece of nature. At this place, the Cauvery River splits into several tributaries rivers that create breathtaking waterfalls.

  • Distance from Bangalore- 180 km
  • Time for travel- 4 hours
  • Things to experience- photography and coracle ride


Shivagange is the attractive mountain peak that shape has like shive linga. You can make a plan to go for a long drive to this famous place. This place is named Shivagange is derived after the nearby spring river Ganga and shiva temple.

  • Distance from Bangalore- 60km
  • Time for travel- 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Things to do- scenic beauty, trekking, rock climbing


If you are searching for a less accessible place, then Anthargange is the right place for you. As you have read above, it is situated only 70 km away from the city, that’s why it is the best destination for a one day trip. This place is entirely surrounded by caves and hillocks that were formed and made from volcanic rocks. The Anthargange is also the best place for a group outing and go with family for a picnic.

  • Distance from Bangalore- 70 km
  • Time for travel- 2 hours
  • Things to experience- cave exploration, trekking, camping, hiking, and rock climbing


Mysore is the most popular destination to spend your weekend from Bangalore, and you can also see the age-old architectural and cultural marvels. If you think about visiting near Bangalore, then you should definitely visit Mysore palace that is the center of all types of Dussehra celebrations. Moreover, you should visit the Mysore zoo along with Brindavan gardens. You can go for a long drive with your friends up to the Chamundi hills.

  • Distance that you have to travel- 150 km
  • Total time- 4 hours
  • Things to experience- temples, palace, galleries, and gardens

Horsley Hills

The Horsley hills are a famous hill station which is famous for its diverse fauna and flora and beautiful views as well. If you are searching place for a quick weekend getaway from the city, then this hill station is best for you that you should visit. Instead of amazing and attractive views, the banyan tree is situated near this hill station that is the world’s biggest banyan tree.

  • The distance that you have to cover- 154 km
  • Total traveling time- 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Things that you can do- trekking and forest exploration


The weather of Hassan is the same as a Bangalore. The city is full of culture and history, so it is the best place for a person who loves culture and history studies. The name of this place is derived from the Hassanamba goddess. Someplace that you should definitely visit is that Gorur dam, Hoysala temples, Shettyhalli church, and Ramanthaour temples.

  • Distance from Bangalore- 182 km
  • Time for travel- 3 hours
  • Things to do- scenic beauty, ancient architecture, and temples


This is also the best and unique place for people who love to see their culture and want to know about it. The Odissi dancer Protima Gauri is the founder of the attractive and beautiful village. This place is found for nurturing and managing types of classical dance. You can visit this place and analyze the skills and lifestyle of the artist. This is the best place for outing and spends some time with your tradition and culture.

  • Distance from Bangalore- 38 km
  • Time for travel- 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Things to experience: gurukul lifestyle, and classical dance forms


This place is the best for a long drive with your friends. You can also enjoy the journey with natural beauty. The Kanakapura is a small village that is famous for the production of granite and silk. However, there are various places that you can visit and keep your mind calm and relaxed. When you visit the temple then you will feel relax as well as capture the beauty of nature. If you want, then you can meet the locals and see their culture and learn something new.

  • Distance from Bangalore- 50km
  • Time for travel- 2 hours
  • Things to do- bird watching, camping, trekking and nature walks


Skandgiri is the best place for trekking, and it is a hill town which is situated near to Bangalore. There is a various place where you can trek like shiva temple, tipu sultan fort, etc. You can see the stars at night time from your camp. You can visit different forts, temples, and hills as well. You can go for an outing in any season with your friends and family.

  • Distance from travel- 120 km
  • Time for travel- 2 hours 24 minutes
  • Things to do- trekking on shiva temple, camping

We hope, now you have plenty of ideas about the places to visit near Bangalore on your weekend with your friends and family member, however, if you want to solo trip then these all place also best for you.


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