Kalka Shimla Toy Train – Things To Know Before You Go


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If you have the opportunity to travel on the historic World Heritage Kalka Shimla toy train, then we guarantee that it will just be one of the best things to experience ever. It is just like sitting on a time machine and traveling to the past.

Kalka Shimla
Kalka Shimla

Built by the people from England in the year 1903, the Toy Train is one of the best heritage sites of UNESCO and is a very popular destination for people to visit. Riding along over 800 bridges and numerous tunnels would be a very pleasing experience after all.

This is one of the main reasons why people from all over the world come and take a ride on this toy train to have full experience of travelling in Shimla.

Details about Kalka Shimla Toy Train

The railway came into existence during the British Rule in the year 1903 and has been a popular attraction site in Shimla. Not just that, but it also provides people with a way to travel to the magical lands of Shimla during their holiday season.

For an amazing and scenic experience of traveling on the train, we would recommend that you do try this once in your life.

Kalka Shimla Toy Train
Kalka Shimla Toy Train

The journey itself is enough to liven up the passengers, as it takes you through the rugged mountains and the narrow tracks. The train provides a direct connection to Kalka and Shimla with a track of about 96kms.

There are 20 railway stations, 900 curves, 103 magnificent tunnels and about 800 bridges that come along the way of the railway. The Barog Tunnel with a length of 3752 feet is the longest tunnel on this train route. The railway is 2 ft 6-inch narrow-gauge railway in North-India.

One of the best things about the train ride is that you will get to enjoy the best sights of nature along the way. As Shimla is one of the favourite honeymoon destinations in India and if you planning your honeymoon there don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Why Is The Train So Special?

Apart from being the connecting link between the two hill stations of Shimla and Kalka, this railway is also a UNESCO Heritage Site which makes it one of the best and the most special trains to ever exist in history. Apart from that, other special trains offer rides to the passengers on the holiday seasons as well.

Why Is The Train So Special
Why Is The Train So Special

This usually happens during May, September, October, and January. Providing some of the best luxuries to the people who travel on the train, the Kalka Shimla toy train is one of the main sites in Shimla where people like to go to. This one is surely an experience that you will never forget.

Kalka Shimla Toy Trains

Apart from the two different passenger trains, there are about three different trains for the tourists that run between Kalka and Shimla which are also a part of the toy train.

We are going to provide you with information about these two trains and how they have some special amenities for the people who travel to different locations from here.

  1. Shivalik Deluxe Express – The first train that we have on the list in the Shivalik Deluxe Express, which is a premium train that has got carpet furnished floors, wide windows of glass, relaxing music for entertainment, cushioned seats.
  2. Even the toilets are fully upgraded for the comfort of the travellers. The train can easily fit about 120 passengers in total. There is food included in the pantry, and the only stoppage is at Barog. You will have a great time travelling here for sure.
  3. Himalayan Queen – The Himalayan Queen is just another standard train that has got the carriages of First and Second Class for the passenger. There are no food options for the travellers on the train, but you will be able to buy some of the different mini-stations where the train stops on its entire journey.
  4. Some stops even last 10 minutes long and hence are perfect for people who want to enjoy the view of the surrounding or buy food.
  5. Rail Motor Car – The design of the Rail Motor car is strikingly similar to the buses that ran during the Second World War and are reminiscent of the old times. The roof is transparent so you will be able to enjoy the amazing view on top.
  6. The capacity of the motor car is fit for just 14 passengers and the express service provided here has got food included in the pantry as well. The motor car has one stoppage right at Barog.

All these trains are fully air-conditioned apart from the Vistadome carriage so you can have a comfortable time traveling on these trains. For the travelers who want more comfort, going by the Shivalik Deluxe Express would be a great idea.

Timings of Toy Trains from Kalka to Shimla

Here is the timetable for the trains for those who want to have a clear idea about the toy train timings from Kalka to Shimla.

Toy Trains from Kalka to Shimla
Toy Trains from Kalka to Shimla
  • Kalka-Shimla NG Passenger (52457) –The train would depart from Kalka at about 3:30 am and then reach Shimla at about 8:55 am. It has 16 stoppages on the way.
  • Shivalik Deluxe Express (52451) – The train leaves Kalka at 5:45 am and reaches Shimla at 10:35 am.
  • Kalka-Shimla NG Express (52453) – This general train leaves Kalka at 6:20 am and reaches Shimla at about 11:35 am. The train might arrive about 50mins late at some times. In such cases, the arrival time in Shimla changes as well.
  • Himalayan Queen (52555) – This train leaves Kalka at 12:10 pm and reaches Shimla at 5:30 pm.
  • Rail Motor Car (72451) – It leaves Kalka at 5:25 am and reaches Shimla at 9:25 am.

Kalka Shimla Toy Train Fares

Here are all the details about the fares that travelers have to pay on the toy train from Kalka to Shimla.

Kalka Shimla Toy Train Fares
Kalka Shimla Toy Train Fares
  • Shivalik Deluxe Express – Adults: 425 rupees, Children: 215 rupees
  • Himalayan Queen – Adults: 295 Rupees, Children:150 rupees
  • Rail Motor Car – Adults 320 Rupees, Children: 160 Rupees
  • Kalka-Shimla NG Passenger – Adults: 270 Rupees, Children: 135 Rupees, Unreserved: 25 Rupees
  • Kalka-Shimla NG Express – Adults First Class: 295 Rupees, Children First Class: 150 Rupees, Adults Second Class: 65 Rupees, Children
  • Second Class: 25 Rupees, Unreserved: 25 Rupees.


So, that is all that you need to know about the Kalka Shimla toy train. For more details visit the website of the railway and have a wonderful traveling experience.

There are so many places you can visit in Shimla on your trip, but we recommend you do not miss this wonderful journey on your Shimla trip.


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