25 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Thailand To Know

Facts About Thailand
Facts About Thailand

There is no denying that Thailand has number of tourist attractions like beaches, jungles, spices, cities or other endless explorations in their culture, nature and history. You might be in a bombshell once you read this whole article as this all list about the unknown or interesting facts about Thailand you might have never heard of. Also if you are traveling first time in Thailand, you should know about the things to be careful in Thailand which avoids you getting into any problem.

Some of the Interesting Facts About Thailand

1. The Mongkut King of the Siamese gave the name “Siam” to Thailand in 1851, on 24 June, 1939 its name was changed to Thailand. Lampang Province is where one of the oldest Homo erectus species fossils were discovered thus making Thailand a real ancient kingdom that is filled with thousands of years of archaeological history and captivating stories. Dharavati, Srivijaya, Khmer civilization all have their roots right here at Thailand.

2. In Thailand tap water is not safe for drinking but local beer is. The high level of alcohol content in beer kill the germs and it costs as bottled water, that’s why it is one of the most popular beverages around the country. Nom Yen (ice milk with syrup) and Chai Yen (ice tea) are two other famous Thai drinks that one must try while in Thailand. By the way alcohol advertisements and selfies with beer or wiskey is illegal in Thailand, so never ever post photos of your trip to Thailand with a glass of beer in your hand if you want to avoid Jail time.


3. Bangkok is the capital of the Thailand, and its Thai name is Krung Thep Maha There are number of tourist attractions in this city. Bangkok has spots for every one worth visiting. From romantic honeymooners, educational trips to gamble lovers or even adventure freaks and shopaholic, there is something to do for everyone. Exploring the stunning temples, Flower market, weekend shopping arenas are just a few things to do in Bangkok. Contrary to popular belief of its small size, the city of Bangkok needs at least a week time to explore the city well.


4. The national flower of Thailand is Orchid; you can find hundreds of Orchid species in Thai forest. Thailand is the home to over 1300 species of Orchids. That’s why Thailand is world’s largest Orchid exporter. Special nurseries and farms organise Orchid garden tours and cultivation course for people interested in orchid Farming or the flower in general. It is an interesting and different kind of things to explore in Thailand.


5. Thailand has many flags like national flag, royal flag. Its national flag rise at 8:00 am in the morning and lowered at 6:00 pm. respecting it is mandatory just like any other country. Any kind of nuisance in relation to the Thai Royals or the Flag can land you in jail or even deportation.


6. Thai forest has many big snakes like world’s largest snake Python and the most poisonous snake the King Cobra. Yes, you will surely find these two dangerous snakes in Thailand. The Pattaya Snake Farm and The Bangkok Snake Farm (Queen Saovabha Park) are two unique parks where these cold blooded reptiles are conserved, studied and made people aware about.


7. It is the country where Siamese cats have originated from. It is said that giving a pair of Siamese cats to a bride on her wedding considered a good luck for her married life. The Siamese cat is one of many felines indigenous to Thailand. It is also one of the world’s most recognizable breeds, with its blue eyes, creamy coat and black “mask,” ears, legs and tail.


8. Thai pet weddings are the most expensive weddings in the world. There are many such instances of lavish over the top pet weddings in the country, with the most famous being of that of the Crown Prince’s poddle. If you get a chance, do stop by for one such unique wedding experience.


9. You may not know this but the iconic Red Bull energy drink originated here at Thailand. Rebranded as Krathing Daeing in Thailand, it is a common favourite for the general population of Thailand with an average person drinking 4 bottles of the beverage each day, The drink was introduced and made popular across Asia since 1976.


10. Bangkok referred to as the “Venice of the East” due to the number of buildings built on the slash above the rivers. The Chao Phraya River forms a numerous small and big Khlongs or canals and distributaries all around and within the city thus giving it a distinctive natural water channel just likes Venice of Italy. The people of the city thus have designed their home and quarters around and over this water channels and are often seen operating or transporting in long slender kayaks and boats.


11. The “bridge over the River Kwai” is a part of the Burma-Siam railway, and near to the town of Kanchanaburi. The Kanchanaburi War cemetery located at 128 km from the city of Bangkok is a reminder of the long and arduous journey the people of the time had to face to build this massive inter country railway system between Thailand and Burma. The Kwai River memorial Week is held every year at the end of November in memory of all those who lost their lives during the Japanese era while the building of the bridge was started.


12. Lopburi Monkey Festival or Festival of monkeys is one of the famous festival of Thailand. This annual monkey buffet is held in the front of the Pra Prang Sam Yot temple Lopburi province and thousand s of tourist attend this extremely unusual festival alongside a thousands of Monkeys. King Narai’s Lopburi Palace and Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat temple are two historical relics that should be definitely explored while visiting the festival.


13. Thailand has approximate 1,430 islands. Many of the islands become famous because of Hollywood movies being shot here for years together. Some of the almost deserted and beautiful islands that one can explore if you really want to feel like a castaway includes, Mu Koh Ang Thong Marine Park: The Bowl of Gold, Koh Pha Ngan, Koh Lipe, Koh Lanta, Similan, Koh Kut,Koh Mat, James Bond Island etc.


14. Pattaya is one of the famous tourist attractions in Thailand, also called as a resort city. This city is mainly famous for Pattaya Beach, there are number of things those a tourist can explore. Next to Bangkok, Pattaya is the most popular destinations for all your shopping, and adventure sports try outs. Pattaya is a beautiful mix of the traditional old world culture and the hippie new world reminiscence.


15. Thailand has almost 94.6% of population who is practicing the Buddha religion or Buddhism. Home to some of the most beautiful monasteries and Buddhist relics, Thailand was introduced to Buddhism by Samrat or King Ashoka of the Maurya Empire of India.


16. All of the young men including the kings needs to convert to Buddhist monk before their 20th birthday at least for a short period of time. This culture is unique to Thailand and is believed to be the main reason for the peaceful and serene male culture of the country.


17. Thailand is the house of world’s largest fish the Whale Shark. This is perhaps the reason why marine scientist and experts from all over the world visits the country quiet often. The Similan Island is one of the only unique islands of the entire world that has facilities for Whaleshark diving and exploring.


18. Most of the Thai people are living in large extended families; a nuclear family is Thailand is rare. Other than India and few other countries of the world, Thailand culture strictly prefers joint or extended family culture. Seeing these families of generations staying and cohabiting together peacefully years together is an experience you have to see to believe.


19. Thailand is the world’s largest home for gold Buddha, crocodile farms, world’s tallest hotel, restaurants, etc. Exploring the country takes time, if you really want to know it better. Every casino, marine park, temple or tourist spot has their own story that needs good deal of studying and exploring to learn about.


20. Thailand is one of the only countries in Southeast Asia which was never colonized by a European country. That is the reason; most of the architectural are free of any kind of Colonial or European modifications. The design and patterns are more influenced by the Buddhist, Dravidian and Khmer period.


21. People use “WAT” word for the Buddhist Temple.


22. Tourist can learn fundamentals of meditation or a key principle of the Buddhism at WAT across the Thailand. Meditation is a very important part and parcel of Thai culture and living. Learning the art of Thai Meditation is one of the most common sights in this country for foreigners.


23. Not all of the Buddhists are vegetarians. According to Theravada’s principles, Buddha monk’s can eat pork, chicken, and fish. Besides, Thailand is a heaven for all the meat and sea food lovers. Things to eat are millions to explore at Thailand. The world still cannot get enough of the famous Thai curries.


24. During the full moon in the month of February, the whole nation celebrates the festival of Makha Puja. It’s a most important date on Buddha’s calendar. Sky lanterns in millions adoen the entire sky of Thailand on this day and is a mesmerizing sight not worth missing a wink.


25. Thailand attracts many visitors from developed countries, almost six million foreign visits the Thailand every year. The famous Thai Massage is believed to be an excellent form of rejuvenation and healing that cannot be experienced anywhere else. Thai massage is one of the oldest forms of holistic healing approach that draws million of tourist from all over the world to Thailand.

Also please let us know in comments if you are aware of other facts about Thailand which could help other travelers.


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