5 Most Popular Hill Stations Near Lansdowne For Nature Lovers

Hill Stations Near Lansdowne
Hill Stations Near Lansdowne

Lansdowne is a cantonment town in Uttarakhand and is located on the Kotdwar-Pauri road in the Pauri district of the state and Hill Stations Near Lansdowne. It is a beautiful hill station with many types of local tourist attractions making it a quiet yet popular tourist destination in the state.


This hill station has a command office of the famous Garhwal Rifles of the Indian Army and was popular with British rulers during the Raj.

The following are some of the other nearby hill stations near Lansdowne:

1. Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a top tourist destination in Uttarakhand and is located in the Dehradun district of the state.

There are many types of tourist destinations in Mussoorie popular with tourists. It is located in a hilly area with the backdrop of the Himalayan ranges.


The popular tourist attractions in Mussoorie include Kempty Falls, Lake Mist, Mussoorie Lake, Bhatta Falls, and Jharipani Falls.

It also includes some of the tourist places like Mossy Falls, Sir George Everest’s House, and also Benog Wildlife Sanctuary which is popular with nature lovers. It’s the hill station near lansdowne where you can go for enjoy.

2. Auli

Auli is a top tourist destination in the Chamoli district in the Himalayan mountain ranges in Uttarakhand. It is the best hill stations near lansdowne where you can make a plan anytime with your friends. There are two tourist seasons in Chamoli which include the ski season in the winter months and the spring-summer season.

This area is known for its beautiful bloom of thousands of species of flowers in the spring-summer months.


Auli is the top ski destination in India with cable cars and beautiful ski slopes for tourists. The slopes in Auli are a top choice for professional skiers as well as amateurs.

There are good ski facilities and resorts in Auli and people from all over the world visit Auli to ski in the Himalayas.

3. New Tehri

New Tehri is located in the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand and the famous Tehri Dam is located in this area. When the Tehri Dam was constructed, the old town of Tehri was submerged and a new town called New Tehri was created. It is one of the scenic hill station around lansdowne that can be visited round the year.

New Tehri is a great place for tourists to visit in Uttarakhand near Lansdowne.

New Tehri
New Tehri

The places that tourists visit in this town include Tehri Dam, Chandrabadni Temple, Sem Mukhem Temple, and Buda Kedar. Tourist attractions in the area also include nearby hill station places like Dhanaulti and Chamba.

The Pantwari Village and the Devalsari Village are base camps for the famous Nag Tibba Trek. The Khatling Glacier is also worth visiting for tourists in this area.

4. Joshimath

Joshimath is a top tourist destination near Lansdowne in Uttarakhand. This city is located in the Chamoli district. Joshimath area is a gateway or a base for many trekking trails and Himalayan mountain climbing expeditions.

This city is a pilgrimage site as well as a tourist destination in Uttarakhand.


Places to visit in Joshimath include the Shankaracharya Math, Narsingh Temple, Bhavishya Kedar Temple, and Gari Bhawani Temple to name a few. Tapovan is a great tourist area in the region and hot water springs in this area are popular.

The Ropeway to Auli as well as the Kalpeshwar Temple in this area is also popular with tourists.

5. Uttarkashi

Uttarkashi means Kashi of the north and is a pilgrimage site in Uttarakhand. This is a great city in Uttarakhand with historic and religious significance. There are top educational institutes in this area.

The Kashi Vishwanath Temple is famous all over the world and there are many small temples in this city worth visiting.


Dodital is a famous fresh water lake in the region and the Maneri Dam is a famous dam in the area. People visit the Barsu Village area, the Gangotri Temple and the Harsil area which is great for adventure sports.

Dayara Bugyal is a beautiful meadow in the region and this area is close to Lansdowne and popular with tourists.

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5 Most Popular Hill Stations Near Lansdowne For Nature Lovers


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