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21 Hidden Places in Goa You Must Explore in 2021


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Goa has some underrated Tourists’ attractions, or you can better say them hidden places in Goa that are away from most people’s eyes. They provide explorers and honeymooners with a serene and beautiful place to relax and admire nature. Most tourists overlook these places because they are rarely aware of these spots’ existence. 

Goa is probably the most popular tourist attraction of South India and is often known as the Las Vegas of India. The numerous incredible beaches and attractions to see in this small state that is very crowded every day of the week. But for peoples who don’t like being around a lot of people, we have good news for them.

List of Unexplored Places in Goa

Harvalem Falls

Location: Near Sanquelim village, North Goa

How to reach:

If you love waterfalls, Harvelem waterfalls might be the quietest, most scenic, and serene waterfall in Goa. You will find this waterfall near the Bicholim and Sequelim towns in North Goa. The waterfall has a height of 70 meters, which gives it significant noise and glory. The waterfall is even noisier during rainy days, but you can also hear the water banging with rocks and trees. This place is still one of the most hidden places in Goa. 

Fort Tiracol

Location: Near Querim beach, Pernem Administrative Region, North Goa

How to reach:

Fort Tiracol resided near the Tiracol River and used to be an armed fortress to the Portuguese. Now it contently spends its left days on a cliff, watching the Arabian Sea and Tiracol River. The Portuguese and contemporary interior design gives this hotel its unique identity as a Portuguese fort. The fort has two suits and five deluxe rooms, open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

Kakolem Beach

Kakolem Beach

Location: 7 km away from Cabo De Rama resort, South Goa

How to reach:

Kakolem beach is also recognized as the Tiger beach and resides south of the Cabo De Rama resort. People are known as one of the most isolated beaches globally and have a collection of private spaces and cool streams. Since there is no rescue service on this beach, it is usually best not to swim here if you are not experienced. 

Sinquerim Fort

Sinquerim Fort

Location: Sinquerim village, Bardez sub-district in North Goa

How to reach:

Sinquerim Fort resided 18 kilometers from the town of Panaji and was constructed in 1612. The fort also overlooked Sinquerim beach and was used as a reference port for goods that came from Europe. The defence was also valuable for guarding the area against the Dutch and Marathas. If you admire hiking, you can select the 2-kilometre footpath, which leads straight to the fort.

Arvalem Caves

Location: Rudreshwar Colony, Sanquelim, North Goa

How to reach:

Arvalem caves are popularly known as the Pandava caves. The caves have historical significance, as people believe that the five Pandavas from Mahabharata took shelter here during their exile. You can see Buddhist cave-style patterns inside with a lot of attractive yet straightforward architecture. The rock has precise cuts into laterite stones which look incredibly mysterious. 

Galgibaga Beach

Location: South of Talpona river, South Goa in Canacona region

How to reach:

Galgibaga beach is known as one of the few hidden treasures which remain in Goa still hidden from most tourists. Galgibaga is one of Goa’s three spots, which acts as a breeding ground for Olive Ridley turtles, a rare species. The northern portion of this beach is a protected ground for turtles and known as ‘Turtle beach.’

Bamanbudo Waterfalls

Location: Gaodongrem, Canacona district, South Goa

How to reach:

Bamanbudo waterfalls are known as Goa’s most pristine waterfalls, which also forms Ambe Ghat’s backdrop. The waterfall attracts a low number of tourist and so remains unexplored. It has clean waters and requires minimum trekking to reach upwards. The fall resides in the Gadongrem village of south goa, and it flows across the road. 

Chorla Ghats

Location: Sahyadri mountain range off Sankhali, Chorla, North Goa

How to reach:

For fans of nature, Chorla Ghat might be the best Indian destination. You can find these ghats at the intersection of Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka borders. It is located at the north-east of Panji, about 50 kilometers from the road. There are few species of endangered animals, such as the barred wolf-snake. 

Hollant Beach

Location: Near Bogmalo, South Goa

How to reach:

Hollant beach may not be well known, but it is the only beach in Goa where one can witness a beautiful sunrise. Golden sand covers the whole beach in thin crusts, and the way colors merge when the sun rises something to behold. The waters here are free of currents and are the best for swimming. You can also find Kayaking activities here. 

Rivona Caves

Location: Rivona village, South Goa

How to reach:

People believe that Buddhist monks took shelter in Rivona caves during the 6th and 7th centuries. You will also see the classic Pitha, which serves as a seat for Buddhist monks. The caves also are proof which stands to this day and tells us about Buddhism in Goa. You can also find many literature and carvings on the walls of this cave. 

Cumbarjua Backwater Canal

Location: On the banks of Mandovi river, Cumbarjua, North Goa

How to reach:

Giant lizards might be a more significant threat than the lizards in your house, but they are also much more majestic. Cambaruja Backwater Canal will allow you to explore the natural habitats of alligators. North Goa is one of the few places in Goa still out of the influence of commercialization. 

Betul Beach

Location: Salcette district, South Goa

How to reach:

You can find Betul beach near south of Mobor Beach opposite the bank of River Sal. The river acts as a border to separate the beach from the village. The whole place is lovely and pretty interesting, suitable for people who love romantic evenings. If you observe a bit of serenity on a peaceful beach, this might be the right place for your tastes. 

Carambolim Lake

Location: Salcette district, South Goa

How to reach:

Carabolim Lake is a human-made lake, so it does not attract a lot of attention from tourists. But that does not make this place any less beautiful, as many birds come here to feed themselves. This spot is popular among bird watchers, and one can see many different species of birds that migrate from far places. 

Cola Beach

Location: Canacona area, South Goa

How to reach:

Cola beach lies about 31 kilometers away from Margao. It is one of the less known beaches of Goa and contains marvels of nature uncharted by tourists. If you are watching for a relaxing and lonesome holiday in Goa, this spot might be the place for you. The beach has tree lines from north to south, and there is nature all around. 

Cabo De Rama

Location: Cola, South Goa

How to reach:

Cabo De Rama was a fort belonging to the King of Sonoda, and he did subsequent renovations here. The Portuguese took Cabo De Rama from the king and then left the port to rot in the ground. Later, the fort served as a government prison until 1955.

Velsao Beach

Location: Vasco de Gama near Dabolim Airport, South Goa

How to reach:

Velsao Beach resides on the southern coast of Goa and connects to Bogmalo Beach. You can find many thick coconut trees on this beach that line the coastal road leading you to the seashore. You will have a fantastic time enjoying the cool breeze, which flows with the water current and creates an atmospheric evening. 

Pequeno (Bat) Island

Location: 1 km from Vasco da Gama, South Goa

How to reach:

Bat Island is a trendy tourist destination for people planning a peaceful escape on an island inaccessible from the rest of the world. The island is full of rocky beaches, but every spot is gorgeous. You will have a good time searching for the perfect backdrops for your pictures in this quiet hideaway. This is must-visit hidden places in Goa.

Bogmalo Beach

Location: Vasco de Gama near Dabolim Airport, South Goa

How to reach:

Bogmalo beach is famous among tourists who love water sports. There is a substantial population of fishermen who live in a nearby fishing village. The beach is relatively small in contrast to other beaches in Goa. It stretches for about a mile and has a lot of curvy terrains, full of sand. 

Torda lake

Location: Porvorim, North Goa

How to reach:

The traveling from Panji to Torda lake by bike is a fantastic experience that you should go through once You will not see many people on the roads throughout the day because most tourists who have limited time in their hands do not usually bother visiting this lake. 

Querim (Keri) Beach

Location: Pernem Administrative Region, North Goa

How to reach:

Querim beach is primarily famous as Keri beach among the inhabitants, and it lies northwards of the beach state. Due to its peculiar location, very few tourists bother visiting this small beach. But it is still terrific in its stretch of 2 kilometers full of pine trees, coral rocks, and salty air. 

Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa

Location: Rajnagar, Ponda, North Goa

How to reach:

Kids love butterflies because of the pretty patterns on their wings. In Goa’s butterfly conservatory, you can see a lot of rare butterflies flipping around with happiness. It is a private conservatory owned by Dr Jyoti and Yashodhan Hebelkar, who did create this conservatory as a hobby, but now it’s a tourist spot. This is also the most underrated hidden places in Goa.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

cotigao wildlife sanctuary

Location: Canacona district, Cotigao, South Goa

How to reach

Wrap up!

We hope we have covered all hidden places in Goa that are still needed to be explored by tourists. If you know any other place in Goa that is still a secret place, please let us know in the comments.



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