Top 14 Haunted Places in Goa to Avoid (2020)

Haunted places in goa
Haunted places in goa

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Goa is one of the most beautiful states in India, a fact that it can easily show evidence for with the hundreds, if not thousands, of culturally important buildings, heritage sites and engrossing examples of architecture. However, charming churches and handsome houses are not the only things to see in Goa:

Goa has a number of haunted places for the adventurous type. From the hauntingly beautiful Three Kings’ Church to Baytakhol and the famed D’Mello house, a common destination of tourists, if you’re looking for adventure and a little intrigue in Goa, you’re sure to find it at these destinations.

Thrings’ Church: A Memory of Holger’s Folly

Sitting alone on Cuelim Hill, Three Kings’ Church stands as a memorial to the legend of the Three Kings, a legend based around the church where a local King died himself after betraying his fellow rulers. Reports of strange noises and figures slipping around corners are abundant, with many claiming to have heard King Holger lamenting his sin.

The Church has a desolate theme to it, but it is a well-kept haven for travelers and tourists on Cuelim, as you can see a beautiful view from the hill. The Church itself also has a staggeringly beautiful altar to Jesus Christ.

Igorchem Bandh: Daylight Won’t Save You

Igorchem Road, more commonly known in Raia as Igorchem Bandh, is probably one of the more dangerous places on this list. A road that winds behind the Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Igorchem Bandh has a long and scary history of possessions in broad daylight.

Igorchem Bandh is a place that both local residents and priests will warn you about: rumors say that anybody who walks this road in the afternoon faces themselves threatened by a spiteful shade that often tries to attempt possession. If you’re looking for more than just a scare, Igorchem Bandh is the place for you.

Rachol Seminary Arch: Beyond the Limits of Death

The village of Rachol is found on the banks of the Zuari River: one of the main attractions in this village is the Rachol seminary, which offered a Christian education for their students.

Legends say that there was a loyal Portuguese soldier who was charged with only allowing entry to those who had urgent business with the officials in the Seminary, and to this very day, there are reports of that very same soldier still defending the Arch, going beyond the limits of death to uphold his duties. Once you’re inside, you can also check out the beautiful seminary itself.

Jakni Bandh: An Unspeakable Past

Jakni Bandh was designed as a temporary bridge to connect Navelim and Drampur, and was successful in its purpose, at least until the rumored incident which stains the location to this day. According to local hearsay, a school bus full of children toppled over the side of the bridge, and this incident has marred the bridge.

People say when walking near the bridge you can hear the screams of children drowning. Whether it’s the wind, or there really is a sneaking horror near the bridge, it’s advised that you take somebody with you when visiting the infamous Jakni Bandh bridge.

NH 17 Mumbai-Goa Highway: A Road Into Peril

When first hearing about the NH 17 Mumbai-Goa Highway, you’ll hear the stories of the spirits of three witches, on the search for non-veg food, and you might be tempted to laugh, at least until you hear about what happened to locals carrying non-veg food after dark.

Stories of mutilation, possession and other horrors are more than plentiful when it comes to this highway, a fact that has scared the locals for more than decades. Almost nobody will even walk near this road after dark, something that provides an inkling of how scared locals are of the NH 17 Highway.

Baytakhol: An Insidious Cry for Help

Baytakhol is a road that leads from Bori to Dhavali, and is rumoured to be a place where misfortune shows its hand. Accidents are a dime a dozen when it comes to Baytakhol, as you can easily find evidence of many crashes and other types of automobile accidents.

It’s said that when driving through this road at night, you’ll see a crying woman holding a child begging for help, but when you stop, she’ll no longer be there. Most drivers choose not to take a second look and keep driving, which is probably a good choice for this infamous locale.

Borim Bridge: A Remnant of the Past

Borim Bridge is a piece of beautiful Portuguese architecture and is probably one of the most infamous bridges in Goa. Locals say that when driving over this bridge, you’ll see a white-clothed lady standing on the edge, who will immediately jump over the edge if you approach her.

The terrifying part is that if you get out of your car and get back into it, you’ll see her in your backseat, her eyes drilling into you. A location that draws thrill seeker tourists from all over, you will at least feel a spooky miasma when traveling through the bridge itself.

Saligao Village: A Sneaky Horror

Saligao Village is a pretty rural village in Goa, and yet draws a healthy number of tourists to it, all of whom want to see the burnt banyan tree in the center of the village. A presence is said to linger around the burnt banyan tree: the spirit of a lady named Christalina is said to accost whoever comes near the spooky tree after twilight.

No matter who the person is, it’s said Christalina will do her best, and even beyond that, to bring harm to them, a thrilling tale that tourists find entertaining and locals take as a warning.

The Dona Paula Beach: Tragedy in A Beautiful Background

Dona Paula Beach is arguably the most beautiful beach in Goa, but that’s just what it looks like: the beach has a tragic backstory to it. It’s said that two lovers committed suicide on the beach after not being able to be together, along with a number of other such tragic stories that have given this beautiful location a miasma of sadness.

People report hearing the lovers and their cries of heartfelt anguish when the waves crash against the beach. If you’re looking for a beautiful embodiment of the phrase ‘haunting beauty’, Dona Paula Beach is the place for you.

The D’Mello House: The Stain of Murder

The D’Mello House is probably the most famous haunted site in the state of Goa. Originally thought to be owned by two brothers, the legend goes that one murdered the other, forever leaving the stain of two souls in anguish on the house, crying out again and again for both justice and in regret.

Sounds and shadows are the least of what hundreds of people claim to have seen at this location in South Goa, hinting at both a dark past and a layer of actual danger that mostly goes unnoticed by the average thrill seeker and horror enthusiast tourists.

Ghost Hotel: An Air of Animosity

Found near Agonda Hotel, this location never got a name due to never being finished but was dubbed ‘Ghost Hotel’ by locals, a fitting name when you think about the reported mishappenings near this area.

Marking both the beginning and ending of Russian-backed ventures in Goa, Ghost Hotel was shuttered due to legal trouble, but is an important site to this day, as there are a number of reports about creepy sounds, odd happenings and other stuff to this day. You should check this place out if you’re in Goa, and want to check out some local creepy, chilling locations.

The Rodriguez Home: Dread in Day-to-Day Life

The Rodriguez Home is a unique haunted location in Goa because of the fact that unlike other such haunted locations, the location is lived into this day, and houses a family. However, their day-to-day life is plagued with lots of different troubles: windows slamming open on their own and things at places where they weren’t left.

The family is determined not to be driven out, but have given lots of interviews where they swear to unearthly noises around the house at all hours, along with seeing weird things, such as oddly shaped shadows that apparently don’t belong to anybody!

Calvim Bridge: Life Cut Regrettably Short

Calvim Bridge stands between Aldona and Calvim, and in 2012, saw a major tragedy as a minibus full of students went over the bridge, killing a total of 7 people. Locals say that this left a mark on both the bridge and the lands nearby, something that’s quite evident as most people in the area are terrified of going to the bridge alone.

They say that you can hear the cries of the young students to this day, crying out for somebody to save them. Most locals advise to not approach the haunted bridge after dark, for your own safety.

The Char Khambe: A Curse on Travellers

The Four Pillars of St. Cruz, or The Char Khambe in local Hindi, are found along with the Santa Cruz to Panja road and mark one of the most superstitious spots for travelers traveling along this area.

Travelers often have vehicle trouble when passing these pillars, and there’s more than enough evidence to show a pattern of bikers having nervous breakdowns after passing the pillars. It’s not advised to travel on this road alone, as a lot of people report that accidents are horribly common on the road. You should definitely take someone with you, or use the public transportation provided.

No wonder you would love visiting these places. Why plan like everyone does? Try something adventurous this time. Trying out these places would be a lot of fun.


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