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Are you literally in doubt with your Goa trip? And that too due to the budget issue? Wait; do not cancel your plan. Just let us know you that you can still make this plan happen within fewer budgets. So, stop worrying and start scheduling the route plan with your family or friends at the best time to visit Goa at the cheapest cost. Before you make a plan, you must know all the part and particles of Goa.


Which Is The Best Time To Visit Goa?

Best Time To Visit Goa
Best Time To Visit Goa

The best time to visit Goa is between October and February when the weather is beautifully balmy & sunny with a fresh sea breeze blowing through. If you want to enjoy the famous Sunburn festival, visit Goa during winter. If you want fewer crowds, monsoon will be the best time to go for it.

What Places Can Be Visited During Summer Season?

Although summer is not the right season to visit Goa, if you are planning your Goa trip during the summer, let me forewarn you. In summer, the temperature of this place rises to 40℃, and the humidity remains very high. This weather is not suitable for tourists.

Instead of chilling in beaches you have to find comfort in your hotel rooms. As it is not the best time to visit Goa, this place remains less crowded. But the best thing is that you can make this trip on a cheap budget in summer.

Still, there is also a lot of options you can do while visiting Goa in summer. In the evening you can sail down the River Mandovi and enjoy a mesmerizing sunset. Yes, Sunset River Cruise is a beautiful cruise with lots of entertainment and fun which you can experience.

Places Can Be Visited During Summer Season
Places Can Be Visited During Summer Season

You will see the beauty of Panjim and Betim in Twilight. It is so relaxing when the cool breeze touches your body.

You can do lots of shopping here. Goa is famous for flea markets. You will love to dance and chill with your partner in any club. You cannot believe how fantastic the nightlife of Goa is!

Another exciting thing you can do in Goa is to rent a bike, and you can go for sightseeing. Goa is full of churches, forts and ancient temples such as

  • Chapora Fort
  • 3 Kings’ Church
  • Aguada Fort
  • Tambdi Surla- Mahadev Temple
  • Mangeshi Temple,
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus
  • Se Cathedral
  • Les Magos Fort
  • Shantadurga Temple
  • St Augustin Church
Place In Goa To Visit
Place In Goa To Visit

Make sure you visit all these places when you go for a long drive.

The most exciting thing about Goa is Casino! You can spend your time in luxury in one of many floating casinos roaming on the River Mandovi.

Except these, you can also enjoy many water sports during early summer on the beaches of Vagator, Candolim, and Baga. Your adrenaline rush will be high imagining the beautiful view of sea and beaches sailing high up in the air. Yes, we are talking about parasailing. You must try this while visiting Goa.

What Are Places That Can Be Visited in Monsoon?

In Goa, the monsoon season lasts from June to September. Monsoon is not the best time to visit Goa for its gloomy sky, cloudy weather. But you do not know Goa is magical during rains! If you want a relaxing holiday with no crowd, you can visit Goa this time.

You can explore many spice plantations, Mollem National Park, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, and lot more during this season.

Places That Can Be Visited in Monsoon
Places That Can Be Visited in Monsoon

You can see a different but breathtaking sight of Goa beaches such as Baga beach, Palolem beach, Calangute beach, Arjuna beach, Butterfly beach, Clova beach, and so on during the rainy season. The pleasant temperature and the fresh air will refresh your mood.

Another thing you must not miss is Dudhsagar Falls near Goa – Karnataka border. This place is a treat to eyes! During monsoon, it is in its full-fledged flow and looks extremely stunning and milky white insight.

What are the places that can be visited in winter season in Goa?

Do you want to add more excitements and liveliness in your winter holidays? Do come in Goa and celebrates your Christmas and New Year evening here. All the beaches of Goa have their aspects of the celebration. Check out a glance of the best places that can be visited in winter season –

1.Old Goa: Each street and beach of Old Goa will become decorated with lights, ribbons, stars, Christmas trees which make it more dazzling and delightful during the celebration of Christmas in a traditional way and also the most attractive places in Goa.

Old Goa
Old Goa

2. Anjuna Beach: This place offers you a party scene with a fantastic ambience that will become a lifetime experience.

Anjuna Beach
Anjuna Beach

3. Arpora Night Market: If you have immense love for shopping must visit this Saturday market which opens at 6 pm and runs till the early morning.

Arpora Night Market
Arpora Night Market

4.Chorao Island: do not forget to experience the tranquillity of this pristine Island with the Bird Sanctuary. The rare birds, old churches and the Portuguese homes will force you to fall in love with this place.

The places that can be visited in winter season in Goa
Chorao Island

Some other places to visit in Winters include Cabo de Rama Fort, Mormugao Fort, Arambol Beach, Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, and Grand Island.

If you are making a plan to visit Goa in winter, never miss these places to visit. But you will find a lot more option places to see and things to do which you will need to add in your Goa tour in the peak season.

Which is the peak season in Goa?

Which is the peak season in Goa
Which is the peak season in Goa

Goa is the perfect beach destination of India which becomes vibrant and stylish in the peak season as its way. January to April and October to December are considered as the peak season for Goa. Goa easily beats the other cities with its enthusiasm in these peak seasons.

Places to see and things to do in peak season:

All the happening parties and celebration definitely will make you excited to visit Goa in the peak season. From the beaches to fashionable resorts, the sparkling casinos, nightclubs, and those party places attract the tourists here.


You must visit Titos Island,  Dona Paula Bay, Vainguinim Beach, which offers a wide range of well-guided, safe water sports.

Never miss the opportunity of the beachside sunbathing, BBQ and bonfire parties, and the water activities like Dinghy sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, parasailing, water diving, scuba diving, and so on.

Pros & cons of visiting Goa in peak season:


Goa soaks in merriment and festivity during these peak season months. It becomes ornamented with dazzling parties and celebration. A large number of people usually come to visit and enjoy Goa at this time from all over the world.


This time you will find too many crowds in the Goa also you might face hotel booking problem. Moreover, this time, you will not be able to bargain anywhere, so the trip seems beyond your budget sometimes.  But some hotels, bars, restaurants provide various attractive offers.

visiting Goa in peak season
visiting Goa in peak season

In conclusion, during peak season everything is extremely expensive and reserving hotels or even hiring vehicles become a difficult task due to non-availability. Besides that, the beaches and other tourist spots are no more tranquil and often extremely crowded.

Which is the offseason in Goa?

Offseason In Goa
Offseason In Goa

Generally, May to September these five months are considered as the offseason in Goa as May is unbearably hot and the monsoon hits Goa at the middle of June. You will not get plenty of options to do or visit in Goa at this time, but exclusively it turns into green. We are pretty sure that a less number of people yet have seen this beautiful greenery view of peaceful Goa.

Pros & cons of visiting Goa in the offseason:

Before visiting Goa in offseason check out these points –


  • Fewer prices of boutique hotels
  • Fewer tourists
  • Calm and quiet ambience


  • Fewer parties
  • Choppy seas which are exciting but not safe for swimming
  • No water sports on offer in most of the beaches

Places to see and things to do in offseason:

Do not consider travelling to the Goa during this so-called offseason; try to find out another beauty of Goa. We would love to recommend the North Goa to visit at this time. If you like a quiet ambience, you can visit or stay at Anjuna and Vagator beaches. Baga and  Calangute beach tends to be opened for all season.

Moreover, you will find several beach shacks and stalls open too during this time. When it comes to activity; visit the right beaches, you will discover enough events. Old Goa is filled with numerous hot spots to visit during the offseason.

Places to see and things to do in offseason in goa
Places to see and things to do in offseason in goa

The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception of Panjim is the most iconic churches of Goa that has had over 1000 movie scenes shot with it in the frame. This church is open all year round but tends to be slightly less crowded during offseason.

Karwar, located on the border of Goa and North Karnataka is an amazing alternative to Goa if you want to enjoy water sports during offseason. At a distance of 25 kilometres from the capital of Goa Panjim is this small beach city of Karnataka which is still unspoilt by the crowd of tourists.

Some of the other offbeat places that are less crowded but worth exploring includes

Divar Island
Divar Island

Divar island It is located 8km away from Panaji. It takes approximately 15 minutes by ferry to reach the island.

The spice plantation of Goa which is around 30 km from Panaji can also be visited if you want to see where the spices of India actually comes from.


We know that Goa is a dream destination of all young boys and girls, and they start to plan their vacation during their college life. Goa is a beautiful honeymoon destination also for the couples who like beaches more than hills.

I hope we were able to give you all the information about Goa. So, what are you waiting for? Just make plans and chill in the beaches of Goa with your best companion. Happy vacation!!


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