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Bir Billing
Bir Billing

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About Bir Billing

The Bir Billing area is a mountainous region in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is a popular region with tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh as it is called the Paragliding Capital of India.

This place is visit for beautiful hill stations, great cities and also tourists visit the Bir Billing area for an adventure sports and outdoor tourist activities.

Bir Billing includes the village of Bir which is known for the settlement of Tibetans and a great hub for Tibetan culture. Billing Valley is known also aero sports activities. Popular tourist destinations close to Bir Billing include Dharamshala, Manali, Shimla, and Palampur making Himachal Pradesh a top tourist destination in India.

Bir Billing Weather

Bir Billing has three seasons that are common in India. The summer months are typically from March to June followed by the monsoon season from July to September. And the winter months in Bir Billing are from October to February.

The monsoon season has rainfall which can vary from light rain for a few days to heavy rains which makes it a difficult season to predict. The winter months can see sub-zero temperatures. This region is located in the foothills of the Himalayas, snowfall is common in the winter months.

The summers in Bir Billing are mild and tourists can experience the scenic beauty of Bir Billing during the summers.


Bir Billing is located in Himachal Pradesh which is a state in India which lies in the foothills of the Himalayas. This area is located around 5000 ft above sea level. And the elevations within the valley vary depending on the various mountains and hills in the region.

The Bir Billing valley is located around 70 Km from Dharamshala, 30 kilometers from Palampur. The Bir Billing valley stretches around 200 kilometers in Himachal Pradesh making it a large amphitheater for adventure sports activities.

The distance between the village of Bir and the Billing valley nearby is around 14 kilometers and this area is located in the western parts of the state.

Best Time to Visit

There are three seasons in the Bir Billing valley–summer, winter, and monsoon. The monsoon months are generally not a good time to visit the Bir Billing valley as rains can be very heavy during the months of July, August, and September.

Many adventure sports companies operating in this area close for the monsoon season. It is a good idea to avoid planning a trip to Bir Billing during the monsoon months. From October to May the adventure sports seasons are in full season.

In December, if there is a snowfall, snow adventure sports activities are very popular in the winter season. The best time to visit is during October and November and from March to May as the weather is ideal for adventure sports activities during these months.

How to Reach

It can be reached primarily by road by car, bus, or taxi but reaching other areas near Bir Billing by other modes of transport is possible. Usually, transport from other parts of the country usually involves more than one mode of transport.

The Dharamshala Airport and the Manali Airport are the closest airports to this place in Himachal Pradesh. There are roadways to this area from most major cities in Punjab Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and other major cities in northern India. People can take the toy train to this place and connect to the famous toy train from Pathankot in Punjab.

The Toy Train journey is a beautiful scenic journey through the hills of Himachal Pradesh and a great way to reach. International tourists, as well as local tourists, can easily reach Bir Billing as the transport tourist infrastructure is sound in this area.

Where to Stay

As it has become an international adventure sports and tourist destination, there is a sound tourist infrastructure in the area. There are various types of accommodations available for tourists looking to stay in this place. This includes budget hotels, luxury hotels, relaxing resorts, basic camping hubs as well as luxury camping locations.

Tourists can live in the village of Bir or the town of Palampur close to that place or can simply stay on the camping sites in the Billing Valley. Different tour operators offer different types of accommodations, and tourists can choose suitable accommodations for the trip.

Places to Visit

Besides the adventure sporting hubs, there are many exciting places to visit for tourists visiting Bir Billing. This includes visiting the Baijnath Temple, Palpung Sherabling Monastery, Chokling Monastery, the Scenic Billing Valley, Kangra Valley View Point, Tourist Rest Point, and Mahakal Shiva Temple.

The main attractions in the Bir Billing valley, however, are the adventure sports as this is the paragliding capital of India. The following are the things to do in this adventure sports hub in Himachal Pradesh:

Things to Do in Bir Billing

  1. Paragliding

Paragliding started becoming popular in the Bir Billing valley in the early 1980s. It has hosted the Paragliding World Cup and is one of the best paragliding destinations not just in India but also around the world. There are many reputed paragliding companies that operate in Bir Billing. It is a good idea to research and find the company that has a reputation for excellence and safety standards.

There are many launch sites and landing sites in the Bir Billing valley. Tourists get a spectacular view of the scenically beautiful valley from the aerial view offered by the paraglider. There are many places in this large valley where paragliding companies operate. Many paragliders also camp in the valley to enjoy a truly adventurous holiday in this region.


Camping is a major tourist attraction in the place of the valley. Domestic and international tourists both visit the valley and generally prefer to camp in the valley. Experience the beautiful and scenic outdoors rather than living in than being stuck in a regular hotel.

There are many camping sites all over the valley and nearby areas. Camping is popular in the Kangra Valley, Bir Billing valley, Barot, and Rajgundha Valley, and especially on the banks of River Uhl.

Campers in this region take part in many adventurous outdoor activities like rock climbing, repelling, river crossing, fishing, and even hiking in the nearby areas of the valley. It is a great idea to go camping with friends and family and the camping experience also provides people a way to connect with nature and appreciate the scenic beauty of nature in a wonderful way.


There are many camping tours in this area that are popular with tourists visiting the region. Trekking in the Chamba Valley, trek to Triund, and the trek to Indehara are all popular with tourists. Many tourists camping in the This area also trek in the nearby areas which are renowned as really good trails for treks.

Trek to Bara Bhangal, Trek to nearby cities like Manali and Dharamshala and the Dharamshala to Manimahesh trek. They are all popular with tourists who like trekking in this region.

Trekking and hiking in the forest areas and hills of the Bir Billing valley and Himachal Pradesh, in general, attracts a lot of tourists.

Just like other outdoor activities, trekking also depends on the endurance level of tourists and some treks are much more difficult than others. Tourists have to choose a trek in the area according to their stamina and endurance.

Mountain Biking

The valley is known for its different types of outdoor. And mountain biking is one of the most popular tourist activities. There are different forests, mountains, rivers, and trails in the valley. Mountain biking trails in Bir, Jogindernagar, Barot, Rajgundha, and the Billing valley area are famous as cycling in the scenic outdoor region is very popular in this area.

Mountain biking along the Uhl river is particularly trendy and camping along the river while mountain biking is a great idea. There are biking trails that pass through the village of Bir, the Jogindernagar hydropower project. Other towns and villages of the Bir Billing region.

Himachal Pradesh government realized that they have a beautiful landscape and can earn a lot of revenue in tourism. It started becoming popular in the Bir Billing valley in the early 1980s. Since then this has become the top paragliding destination in the world.

Enthusiasts from all over the world visit the valley. And the Paragliding World Cup has also been held in this valley. It has developed a tourist infrastructure over the last few decades and many tour operators operate in this region.

Tourists from different parts of India and all over the world visit the valley every year. It is one of the best adventure tourism hubs in the foothills of the Himalayas. It included in many package tours of Himachal Pradesh.


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