13 Ultimate Travel Hacks To Save Money On Your Next Trip

Travel Hacks
Travel Hacks

Who does not love to travel? Traveling is fun and an excellent refresher. But it needs a right amount of monetary investments on your part. Careful planning can actually help one save a lot of money while traveling. Some best travel hacks one should definitely include in their vacation planner.

Best Travel Hacks are as follows:

Plan your vacation in off season

Visiting Japan during the Cherry Blossom season or Darjeeling during snowfall is a common trend we all follow. But one thing we always forget is, that any tourist season means overcrowding and overbooking. Hotels and resorts are often expensive during these times. Sometimes even the cost of transportation also is way beyond the standard charges. If you plan your trip during off season, not only is the boarding and lodging cheaper but you get to enjoy the beauty of the location without the hindrance of people walking and trampling all around you.

Take advantage of travel bonuses and offers on credit cards

Frequent travelers and fliers often get cash backs and offer exclusive to their cards. Makes sure to avail these offers and plan your trips based on the scheduled dates of the proposals. Travel bonuses are also among the best ways to save a good deal of cash on these trips. You just need to research and plan accordingly.

Fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

One of the best hacking tips for frequent fliers is to travel during midweeks. On weekends generally, the number of fliers increases drastically and so does the cost of the tickets. If you plan your travel during the weekdays, you can save that extra weekend surcharges easily. Weekdays in the middle are generally working periods for most of the people, so travelers are always quiet less in numbers from Monday to Thursday.

Book all things in well advance

Last minute booking should always be avoided. One of the best-known business strategies for profit is a higher price attached for any immediate services. It is human psychology to be ready to pay any price for something we want immediately. SO if you’re going to avoid having to pay a significant chunk on fares for transportation and lodging, it is always best to pre-book at least a few months to weeks ahead of time. You save a great deal of money and are hassle-free from any last moment mishaps or unavailability.

Be flexible with travel dates

It is always best to have a flexible plan. Instead of choosing a specific date or time, it is best to select a broader dateline spectrum. This will allow you to avoid travel dates that are higher priced or weather-related troubles and even help you decide on times that are comparatively pocket-friendly for you.

Consider all-inclusive deals

Instead of separate payments for food, lodging, transportation, etc., it is always a better deal if it is an inclusive package. This reduces the day to day proper management and also allows you to concentrate more on the trip rather than all the rest of the subsidies. Most importantly, all-inclusive trips are generally more economical choice and thus saves up a lot of money.

Call the hotel directly to get the best deal

We have a habit of booking hotels through various online portals. Some websites even have the options of comparing rates shown by different websites. However, we often forget that these websites work on profit from commission basis where the hotels give them a few every time a guest books through them. Many times it is better to directly call the hotel as that might get you a booking at a much lesser price than any online options you see while you surf. This again saves up a lot of your vacation allotted money.

Use ATM or credit cards to get local currency

Universal currencies like Dollar and Euro do work everywhere, but it is best to use the local currency as that saves up a lot in exchange rate deductions. When you use international currencies, the local business they charge extra for the conversion of International money to the local. These charges can be easily avoided if you use your ATM to withdraw local converted currency directly.

International phone calling via apps like Skype

International trunk calls are costly and can cost a huge chunk of money, especially if you have families you need to be always in contact with while abroad. So it is best to use apps like Skype, etc. to make calls as they are relatively inexpensive or free (in case of Whatsapp, Skype, etc.)

Use free local Wi-Fi and turned off data roaming

We all know how expensive International Roaming is. Data is indeed not cheap while touring but a very essential commodity. Exploring and knowing about places needs research and knowledge that is feasible only if you have a sufficient and uninterrupted data plan? So it is best to use the free local Wi-Fi available. Maps can be easily downloaded to be used later in offline modes too. Some countries even provide local sim cards with pre-loaded data for a fix tenure usage. You can find out about that. These days most of the cafes, pubs, and restaurant and tourist spots have free Wi-Fi, to help tourists.

Find deals and coupons on eating out

Coupons are something we often forget about. However, they are really an excellent means to save the extra food cost, if used at the right place. Sodexo vouchers and pizza coupons are really a boon for people who eat out a lot. These coupons can easily be used during travel and thus, in turn, help you to once again save a few dollars for sure.

Explore local places using rental bikes

Most of the tourist spots have provisions to rent bikes for intercity traveling. If you are a 2 wheeler enthusiast and have experience riding it, then it is an excellent way to save a good deal of money. Travelling burns a real big hole in our pockets if 4 wheelers or larger vehicles are hired. Most importantly there are numerous local spots you get to explore if you are on your own riding through the nooks and crannies of the location.

Use public transports instead of taxis

Yes, we all know about the iconic black hackney taxis of London and want to ride it at least once. But choosing to travel in a taxi every time is not at all a pocket-friendly decision. Taxis are costly and many times even an uncomfortable choice. It is always best recommended to choose Public transport like trains, trams, bus, etc. during your trip. They are precise, available, cheap and safe. Most importantly they allow you to experience the place like a local. You can easily talk and get to know people and various local spots if you opt for public transport. Many places have combined tickets and passes that allow you to travel to multiple destinations at the cost of one ticket or even daily and weekly passes with unlimited rides all over the city. EU rail has tickets that allow you to travel to many countries across the European Union with a single ticket.


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