The 15 Best Translation Apps for International Travelers

Best Translation Apps
Best Translation Apps

In these days, travelling has become very common worldwide. It can be for business purposes or for touring or leisure purpose. Every country speaks a different language. Most importantly, not all countries know English well enough to communicate. One can learn a few basic statements of a particular language, but that cannot help all the time.

That is why translation can help extensively in communicating. In this modern era of technology, there are many software and mobile apps available which can do efficiently assist traveler to translate whichever language they want.

Here we will mention and describe the best translation apps for international travelers:

1. Speak & Translate

Speak & Translate is a language translator which allows you to get the translation of the text which you want to get translated in the real time. Using this Microsoft translator, you can easily convert text no matters what the language is. Furthermore, you can listen to the proper pronunciation of the book and read the written words at any time. Even If you don’t download the app on the phone, still you can translate the texts on the website using your desktop or laptop.

Noted feature –

  • Cloud storage of the history of translation
  • Real-time voice recognition
  • Gender voice selection with speech speed synchronization
  • Saves the transcript for offline usage


2. iTranslate Translator

iTranslate Translator is a translator as well as dictionary app which helps the user to get the perfect translation of the text which he types. The user can translate more the one hundred languages using the iTranslate. The user can convert an entire website using this translator, and he can also start a voice to voice conversation. Other than this, the new offline mode of this translator allows the user to use it even in abroad without paying any expensive roaming charges.


3. iTranslate voice

The iTranslate Voice is a voice translator. You can translate any language using this voice translator. The user who uses this translator can translate different texts and use the button to talk. It is also beneficial to learn any language easily and quickly. To translate words then you have to speak them in the translator, and it will translate in seconds. You can translate more than 80 languages including Spanish English, French, German, Italian, etc.

Noted Features –

  • Has Siri in shortcut and voice command option
  • Bug auto fix for simplified translation
  • Macedonian offline language translator
  • IOS 12 and watchOS 5 compatible


4. Google translate

Google Translate is the most popular translator among the users. It helps the users to translate the text of their choice. It offers a website interface, mobile apps for Android and iOS phones, and an API that allows developers to build browser extensions and software applications. The user can translate over one hundred languages at various stages. It is the most used translator in the whole world. As of May 2017, serves over 500 million people daily.

Noted Feature –

  • Handwriting detection
  • Two-way conversation modes
  • Offline translation
  • Camera translation
  • More range of language options to choose from


5. Textgrabber

TextGrabber is an application which easily and quickly reads QR codes, scans the printed text and takes actions like the call, write, and translate into more than one hundred languages online. It also translates into ten languages offline and searches on the Internet or maps, creates events on the calendar, edit, voice and share in any useful way. TextGrabber instantly captures information when you scan the printed and recognizes it without connecting to the Internet.

Noted Features –

  • Siri on command
  • IOS 12 compatible
  • Last photo recognizable
  • Family sharing option allows up to 6 users to use the app parallel


6. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is a translator developed by Microsoft. It translates any language in a short time. Microsoft Translator is integrated across multiple consumer, developer, and products. It also allows the user to text and speech translation through cloud services for businesses. Speech translation through Microsoft Speech services is offered based on time of the audio stream. There are more than 65 language systems are being supported. It also supports 11 speech systems which are currently used by many users.

Noted Features –

  • Image and Camera translation
  • 60+ language
  • Multi-person language conversion
  • Offline translation
  • Translation with synonyms and antonyms.


7. Pilot Speech Translator

Pilot Speech Translator is speech translation app launched by the Waverly labs. It allows the user to translate any language by speaking or texting but it depends on the language like only five languages can be explained by speech translations which are  French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English languages and seven languages can be translated by text translation which are Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian features. This app is free with no Ads History.

Noted Feature –

  • Listen Mode: Use the Pilot Earpiece to interpret speech back to you in your choice of languages.
  • Conversational Mode: Connect your Pilot Earpiece and enjoy face-to-face translation, in 15 languages.
  • One on 1 and Group Conversation. Pilot supports conversation with up to 5 participants. Share an earpiece with your partner, or keep both for yourself.
  • Phrase Translation: Speak or type any phrase and Pilot will respond to you in the specified language.


8. iHandy

iHandy Translator is the best and the most powerful translation tool on the iPhone and iPad. The user can easily translate any sentence or phrase into any useful language in the seconds, and he also enjoys a set of useful features such as text-to-speech, history tracking, search, landscape display options, and integrated Twitter, Facebook, SMS, e-mail support. It is a favorite translator among iPhone users. It translates many languages within seconds and it is free of cost.


9. Travis, the Translator

Travis is a device that is used by many people to translate languages which they can’t understand. It inspires change, encourages travel and creates connections that weren’t previously possible. Travis, the Translator, is the new form of translators which combines the software and hardware. It helps people to communicate easily with each other. We can empower the 7 billion people in this planet who speak over 6,500 languages to come together and talk with each other using this portable device.


10. The ili

The ili is a portable device which can translate many languages and help the people to understand each other’s languages. It can easily convert your words within 0.2 seconds without any internet connection means you don’t need to connect the internet for translation. Ili is a portable and wearable device so you can easily take it anywhere you want with you and can get help from it. This is faster and more useful for travel.


11. SayHi Translate

Sayhi Translate is a conversational app which helps the user to converse in two different languages and easily understands each other. By using this app, the user can learn many languages in a short time without facing. With the growing list of languages on a daily basis, you can talk with almost any person in the world using this fantastic app. Only the app was designed in a way that the user can easily converse without getting disturbed.


12. Papago

Navar Papago or pronounce as Papago is a language translator. Navar Corporation develops it. It is different from the other translator because it uses a neutral machine to learn from its mistakes and make them correct. It also determines that what type of translation the user requires and wants to get translated. The word “Papago” comes from the Esperanto word for “parrot,” Esperanto being a constructed language. It is available on mobile as well as laptops and computers etc.

Noted Feature –

  • Real-time translation of phrases
  • Voice Translation
  • Conversation Translation
  • Image Translation
  • Offline Dictionary
  • Phrasebook


13. Waygo

Waygo is a translator but only for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. But it is now available on Android phones. It helps the user who wants to learn Chinese, Japanese or Korean. This immediately translates the printed Chinese, Japanese and Korean text to English using the camera. Waygo brings the words within seconds without any internet connection. This is a translator which easily translate images of printed version offline. It has been featured in ABC News and many more.

Noted Feature –

  • Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Kanji, Korean
  • Use your video camera as a visual translator or dictionary
  • No data connection required
  • Translate any menu or sign and never feel lost in translation again
  • See and hear the pronunciation of the words


14. Trip Lingo

Trip Lingo is the ultimate tool for travelers.  It instantly translates the words which you the user wants to get converted. Other than this the app was named the “2012 Business Travel Innovation of the Year” by Fast Company. The free version of this app has many features which are helpful for the user to translate any language. Furthermore, if you want to access all content, you can easily do so by upgrading to a premium subscription. The added feature of a crash course about the place one is visiting with small notes on the etiquettes and culture is a great innovative addition in the app.

Noted Feature –

  • Over 2,000 phrases per language in 13 languages
  • More than 30,000 professionally recorded audio files
  • An instant voice translator in 19 languages
  • 10,000-word offline dictionary
  • Tip calculator & currency converter
  • Built-in flashcards and a quiz mode to help you learn
  • Wi-fi Dialer that allows you to call any U.S. phone number


15. MyLingo

MyLingo is an app which delivers alternate language audio in perfect sync. It helps the person to listen to the English movies in cinema through headphones. It brings the cinema experience to millions of non-native English speakers and allows multilingual families to enjoy the same film together truly. To use this, you have to download the app to your phone and the movie audio which you want to listen. Download the file and look through the headphones.

Noted feature –

  • Real-time language conversion during a movie screening


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