Best Time To Visit Mussoorie For Travelling (Updated 2021)


Last Updated on September 26, 2021 by Editorial Staff

Are you planning your trip to Mussoorie? Here is a quick overview of Mussoorie Weather and Best Time to Visit Mussoorie.

If you are planning your next holiday on a beautiful hill station, Mussoorie is one of the top choices among travellers. This chilly hill station is located in Uttrakhand, which has great weather around the year.

It is mainly famous for its wonderful climate and natural beauty, and will surely an unforgettable experience for you.

Don’t forget to visit the Lal Dibba, the highest peak of Mussoorie. It is also the best place to experience the amazing sunrise and sunsets in Mussoorie.

What is the best time to visit Mussoorie?

Mussoorie has pleasant weather at all-time. But, the best time to visit Mussoorie is in summer, from March to June.

Mussoorie in Summer ( March to June)

Summer is considered as peak season in Mussoorie because of its pleasant weather. As it is a Himalayan hill, you may feel little heat in the afternoon and cool in the night. 

In the summer season, the temperature ranges between 15 – 25 degree Celsius. In the morning and evening weather, it is very pleasant to explore attractions and sights.

Due to heat, the hill’s ice is melting and feed the waterfalls in this area. This season is the best for those who want to enjoy adventure sports, treks and hikes. 

For treks, you can visit Kempty falls, Jharipani falls, and Mossy falls. If you are a nature lover, you can visit the Belong wildlife sanctuary. 

Mussoorie in Monsoon (July to September)

The monsoon season in Mussoorie is from August to September, which witnesses heavy rainfalls. It is not considered a good time to visit Mussoorie. 

In the monsoon season, landslides happen frequently, and roads become dangerous and sometimes even inaccessible.

In contradiction, some people find it the best season to visit Mussoorie because of its stunning view. But roads will become slippery and very prone to accident and landslides. 

You will find mist everywhere in monsoon season, which creates a hypnotic vibe in Mussoorie.

Mussoorie in Winter (October to February)

If you want to enjoy the snowfall, you should visit Mussoorie in the winter season, from November to February.

The temperature drops below freezing point in the winter season, and all the hills are covered with snow to gives you a delightful experience.

You can experience heavy snowfall between December to January. As a result of this, some roads are blocked during this time.

At the Christmas festival, The entire city lightens up with strings of lights and Christmas decorations.


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