Best Time to Visit Gangtok in 2021 (Season and Weather)


Last Updated on September 26, 2021 by Editorial Staff

To enjoy the best of Gangtok March to May and October to mid-December is the best time to visit Gangtok for all kind of travellers.

Gangtok refers to the name ‘Hillside,’ which is the capital city of the state Sikkim of north-eastern India. As located in the eastern Himalayan range, this city is well known for its beautiful view of hillside sceneries and the brilliant colour of infused culture and traditions.

It is the cleanest and well-organized town in India. There are a lot of travel destinations in Gangtok that make it a tourist hub of tourism.

What will be the best time to visit Gangtok and why?

Gangtok is a city with desirable atmospheric conditions all the time. The temperature of Gangtok is -1 to 17 °C during the month between January to March. Though it is the time of winter, the weather is icy and frigid.

From April to September, the starting of summer to the end of the rainy season, the temperature varies between 10 to 27 °C. The season runs with the experiences, as in summer the weather is pleasant and dry that the tourist can enjoy much. But during the season of rain, there are many chances of landslides due to the mountains. Thus, visitors use to visit frequently. 

During October to December is the best time to visit. The temperature varies from 4 to 7 °C, and it is the time of spring and the start of winter. During this time, the whole city looks so colourful. The spring brings so many flowers and delightful weather with clear skies and a great look at mountains.

There are many festivals observed during this time to attract tourists and celebrate the enchantress of the season. The month of December brings the belle of winter, where the white snow falls on the earth to decorate the city to look like a decorated Christmas tree.

Summers in Gangtok (March to June)

Summers bring more brightness into the canvass of Gangtok with the view of wavey mountains. The temperature is quite enjoyable. The tourists used to visit to witness the brightest skies and mesmerizing views of the city.

Monsoon in Gangtok (July to September)

Though monsoon season brings so many changes to the city, it is not that reasonable to visit because various landslides and heavy rain cases make the travel quite risky.

Winter in Gangtok (October to February)

Winter is a very suitable time to visit Gangtok. It is when tourists can experience the soulful winter and the view of the astonishing mountain covered with white snow.


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