11 Most Beautiful And Best Beaches in Italy

Best Beaches In Italy
Best Beaches In Italy

Italy, a place blessed with not only snow-capped mountains as well as cypress lined valleys but also has more than 5000 miles of coastline. This coastline contains secluded coves, stretches of golden sand and secret caves.

The Italian coast is an abode to one of the most beautiful beaches in all over the world. Italy presents one of the best beaches which make it a perfect beach destination. Italy is all surrounded by the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, as well as many other small seas and thus, presents a huge diversity of beaches and which make it the perfect beach destination to visit and explore.

Below we have listed one of the best Italy beaches which are known to be the most beautiful beaches in the world:


1. Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa

Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa
Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa

Owing to the blue water and white sand Spiaggia dei Conigli in Lampedusa which is a small island and is known to be one of the best beaches in Italy. It is also ranked as the most beautiful beaches in the world.

This beach is well known especially for swimming, and you can even bring your snorkeling gear here if you want to explore the marine life or just to lay out the blanket in the sun. A ten-minute walk on this beautiful beach will offer you many restaurants as well as shops. A trip to Italy will be incomplete if you miss a visit to this beautiful beach.


2. Tropea Beach, Tropea

Tropea Beach, Tropea
Tropea Beach, Tropea

Tropea Beach in Tropea is renowned as the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea and is considered as one of the best beaches in Italy. About two and a half miles of pristine white beaches in Tropia is recognized as the cleanest and best Italy beaches.

You will find dramatic rock formations along with cliffs, coves, as well as grottoes, dot the coastline holding all around turquoise and sparkling Caribbean water. You will also find Tropea diving centre which is opened year round and also offers many scuba diving and snorkeling.


3. La Pelosa Beach, Stintino

La Pelosa Beach, Stintino
Source: tommiehansen / Flickr
La Pelosa Beach, Stintino

La Pelosa Beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy in Stintino well known for its fine white sand offering views of Asinara Island. You can go and enjoy for a dip in the clear turquoise water sea and can also look for fish.

Actually, Sardinia is a popular place especially owing to its incredible beaches presenting a range of options for white powdery sand, secluded nooks surrounded by pine forest and also ridiculously blue sea. The transparency of the waters in this beautiful Italy beach reminds you of a tropical sea.

The place is said to be a natural paradise in the Gulf of Asinara where you will find fine sand along with very shallow waters which attract many visitors to visit this place to enjoy the relaxing vacations.


4. Cala Goloritze, Baunei

Cala Goloritze is a tiny beach in Baunei with soft sand as well as limestone cliffs. It is tiny but is a very beautiful beach with limestone cliffs, striking blue Green Ocean as well as soft ivory sand.

This is known to be one of the most photogenic destinations in the area which can be easily accessible by both boat and car. This Italy beach is said to be the best beaches for snorkeling and was also included in the list of UNESCO sites in 1995.

It is the best beach in Italy to explore on foot as a hike towards the beach takes more than one hour. You can bring snorkeling goggles and can enjoy swimming here and also can spot some beautiful fishes.


5. Porto Giunco, Villasimius

Porto Giunco in Villasimius is also popularly known as the beach of two seas is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Italy. Owing to the salty environment of the Nottie pond which creates a double sea.

This beach is also said to be the most suitable beaches for families as well as children. This is a perfect spot to visit for visitors who want to enjoy crowded beaches and is also the ideal surfing spot in the region.

It is just one more epic beach in Italy with crystal clear water along with Villasimius weather which makes it a perfect beach to enjoy and explore in Italy.


6. Bay of Silence, Sestri Levante

Exploring Bay of Silence in Sestri Levante is said to be the best experience of your life.  For sure visitor will love and go speckles after exploring the land, culture food and beauty of the environmental heritage which has no comparison with any other thing in the whole world.

It is also popular as one of the best camping beach locations in Italy where you will, get experience for the lifetime.


7. Cala Mariolu, Baunei

Cala Mariolu is said to be one of the most precious beaches of Italy located at the eastern coast of the beautiful island of Sardinia. The beach is the perfect place for scuba diving and also known as one of the best snorkeling beaches too.

Owing to the location of Cala Mariolu beach rests in the shade of limestone rocks. The beach is recognized as a paradise on earth which can be explored in two main ways as by a good few hours of walking and by enjoying the boat trips.


8. Cala Rossa, Isola do Favingnan, Aegadian Islands

Cala Rossa has clean waters and soft sands and is lined with many beached sailboats. It is the best place in Italy where you can enjoy and participate in watersports; also you can take windsurfing lessons or can check the sailing schools too.

This is known as one of the best beaches of Italy and is the most famous beach of the island of Favignana. It is a small cove which is located on an old limestone quarry as per its name suggest. So the visitors those are seeking the best place to enjoy water activities at its best head towards this beautiful Italy beach.


9. Spiaggia d Maria Pia, Aghero

This is the most beautiful beach which is characterized by white sand dunes as well as a Mediterranean scrub. It is mainly composed of junipers which are shaped by wind along with sea pines.

The bottom of this beautiful and amazing beach is low and sandy, and the waters, on the other hand, are Luke warm and transparent which adds more to its beauty and charm. It is the best beach in Italy for a relaxing beach vacation and which is just at a short distance from the main city.


10. Marina Piccola, Capri

Marina Pichola bay is recognized as the best beach spot and is located on Capri’s southern coast. It is said to be Capri’s most stunning and beautiful coastline which sits at the base of Capri’s tallest peak as well as has impressive sea views and island’s some best beaches. Here you can enjoy a lazy day by swimming and tanning yourself under the sun.

It is known to be the most popular spots of Capri where you can also enjoy a sunbath on bay’s rocky outcrop called as Siren’s rock. The place is recognized as one of the sunniest spots on the islands flanked by steep rock wall which protect it from the wind.

You can take a boat ride and can explore this beautiful beach to make your vacation more memorable. The place is the must-visit beach destination in Italy owing to its views, clear water as well as mythological significance too.


11. Acquafredda do Maratea Beach

Acquafredda is an abode to some most beautiful beaches in the region and is a small village with awesome scenery. The best way to enjoy this scenic region is to take a drive all along the coast along with high up on mountain road which is all surrounded by dense pine forests and some most spectacular views in the world.

Here at the foot of Mezzanotte Channel, there is a small sandy beach known as Calla di Mezzanotte, or else Midnight Cove beach which is only accessible by boat and is surrounded by high cliffs and many caves.

You can also enjoy at Anginarra beach which is largest in Maratea region along with it you can also enjoy in Crivi beach which can only be reached by boat.

Italy is recognized as the crown of Mediterranean surrounded almost entirely by sea. The place features one of the most beautiful and impressive beaches where you will find amazing environment amid golden sands, clear blue seas along with the style and glamour.

.Above listed are some of the best beaches in Italy which offer blissful experience be it any time of the year. Italy is said to be the best beach destination as the place not only presents popular coastal gateways but also abounds equally beautiful am tourist-free beaches which are still unexplored.

You can explore and enjoy in many spectacular hidden gems in Italy where you can easily enjoy and make your trip memorable for the lifetime.


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