15 Best Backpack Brands in India (Most Loved By Customers)


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In terms of accessories, the backpack might seem unremarkable; however, in retrospect, it tends to carry the essential things of your belongings throughout the day. Hence, this makes the backpack one of the vital accessories you must take wherever you go.

However, while purchasing the best backpack, you can avoid a dilemma about which one to choose as various best backpack brands in India make the best backpack with various impressive specifications that suit different requirements.

Hence, to make it easier for you to select the backpack brand, in this article, we will discuss some of the best backpack brands in India. We will also discuss a buying guide for a backpack that would make your purchasing task more seamless.

Top Choices For Best Backpack Brands in India

Below is our curated list of best backpack brands in India based on their quality, material, size, fit, designs, options, and market reputation.

1. American Tourister

American Tourister

A renowned name in the luggage industry, American Tourister is a top brand name that never fails to amaze its customers with its vast plethora of products.

Over the years, the brand has introduced several designs that meet modern-day requirements. The brand was founded by Irving Kofler and Sol in 1933 and had its headquarters in Rhode Island.

The backpacks produced by American Tourister are highly functional and are an ideal choice for daily travellers. The durability and design of the American Tourister backpacks are legendary, accounting for their loyal customer base. 

Notable Features

  • The backpacks are made with superior-quality polyester 
  • Water resistant 
  • The Polyester material of the backpacks makes them weather inclement 
  • Shoulder padding alleviates pressure 

2. Skybags

Skybags backpack

If you are planning a vacation trip, then Skybags is just the brand you must look into for getting your travel backpacks. This brand offers a vast range of backpacks suitable for every occasion. All the sky bag backpacks are designed thoughtfully, ensuring users’ comfort while travelling.

The backpacks come in various colours, styles, designs, and features. The perfect blend of function and style makes sky bag backpacks perfect for everyday use. To offer everyone many choices, the brand has over 100 designs that will spoil you with options.

Most of the backpacks by Skybags come with a separate rain cover, ensuring that your bag’s contents remain dry and safe from the rains. 

Notable Features

● Comes with a rain cover 

● The backpacks have three spacious compartments 

● Polyester fabrics protect the backpack from dust and rain 

● Zipper closure 

3. Safari

Safari backpack

Synonymous with travelling with style and comfort, Safari is a leading name in the backpack industry with a vast loyal customer base. The safari backpacks are ideal for those who wish to own a simple yet highly functional backpack that will last them years.

The brand was introduced in 1974 and is still overgrowing. The backpacks are in subtle colours, making them suitable for all age groups. One primary reason for the high demand for this brand is its affordable price range.

To adapt to changing modern needs, Safari introduced some new features in their backpack range, such as a USB charging port. The backpacks are made with 100% polyester fabric, making them extremely lightweight. 

Notable Features

● Made with 100% polyester fabric

● Lightweight 

● Some backpack models come with a USB charging port 

● Affordable price range 

● Great choice for school-going kids 

4. Tommy Hilfiger

When looking for a backpack brand you trust with closed eyes, opt for Tommy Hilfiger. The Tommy Hilfiger backpacks are crafted with elegance and poise, making them your perfect travel partner. Their backpacks come with vertical zips and big outer pockets, which allow you to carry all your essentials.

In addition to their backpack, Tommy Hilfiger specializes in apparel, mesmerizing fragrances, accessories, and home furnishing items. This famous brand is available in various shops across 98 cities in India. The rear portion of their backpack is provided with padded layers, which ensures ultimate comfort while wearing. 

Notable Features

● The backpacks come with sturdy exteriors, which protect the contents from rough weather 

● Compact build

● Made with superior-quality polyester fabric 

● Super stylish looks 

5. Gear

Gear backpack

Another famous backpack brand with many options to offer is Gear. The backpacks by Gear come in several designs and capacities, which meet various utility levels. The Gear backpack comes in vibrant colours and motifs, adding an element of style to the backpack.

The backpacks have dual adjustable back straps that make carrying easier. Some Gear backpack models come with laptop sleeves in the inside portion that lets you bring your laptop and other essentials. The anti-sweat fabric padding is another prominent feature of the Gear backpacks. 

Notable Features

● Anti-sweat back padding 

● The brand has a vast array of backpacks to offer 

● The backpack features an affordable price range 

● Vibrant colour scheme 

6. F Gear

F Gear backpack

The F Gear backpack brand must be your go-to option if you are a great admirer of funky and unusual things. Most of their backpacks come in uber-cool designs, making them an ideal fit for modern youths.

Whether for regular use or hardcore travel, the F Gear backpacks will stick by your side like a loyal friend. The F Gear backpacks will not only let you carry all your essentials but will also help level your style quotient. 

Notable Features

● The backpacks come with funky graphics, making them an attractive option for today’s younger generation 

● The shoulder padding helps relieve pressure 

● Extremely lightweight

● Padded back panels ensure comfort while travelling 

7. Puma

Puma backpack

One of India’s most famous and highly rated backpack brands is none other than Puma. The backpacks manufactured by this renowned brand come with various spacious compartments that let you carry all your essential travel gear.

The Puma backpacks are crafted with style, toughness, and water-resistant material. The water-resistant material allows you to travel worry-free, even during heavy rains, without damaging your bag’s contents.

The Puma backpacks are an ideal choice for all sorts of travellers. Puma uses top-quality materials to manufacture their backpack, accounting for their rugged nature. Most Puma backpacks feature a combination of polyester and nylon, making them lightweight and highly durable. 

Notable Features

● Lightweight and durable 

● The backpacks have light padding on their shoulder straps 

● Made with tough-quality polyester and nylon

● Provided with big compartments 

8. Wildcraft

Wildcraft backpack

If you are searching for high-quality backpacks that promise both durability and style, then Wildcraft is the top brand that will never disappoint you. Be it everyday travelling, trekking, or a weekend getaway, and the Wildcraft backpack is just the right travel companion you must have.

The Wildcraft backpacks are embedded with different compartments that let you carry all your belongings. They even come with side pockets for carrying water bottles. The brand offers backpacks in various colours, styles, and designs, making them a perfect option for men, children, and women.

Some backpacks have a drawstring closure that offers quick and easy access. The Wildcraft backpacks are available in various online and offline retail shops across the country, showcasing their vast popularity. 

Notable Features

● Most of the Wildcraft backpacks are made with 420D poly oxford jacquard material, which makes them super durable 

● The backpacks come with an umbrella pouch 

● Thick back padding ensures comfort 

● Zipper closure 

● Made with waterproof material 

9. Aristocrat

One of the most popular backpack brands in India with an immense customer base is Aristocrat. This famous backpack brand is owned by VIP industries and is renowned for its premium travel luggage collection. The brand produces lightweight backpacks ideal for daily commuters and travellers.

The backpacks are made of durable material and come with several compartments for keeping all your belongings safe. Most backpacks are in impressive designs and colours, making them suitable for office-goers, school-going kids, and college students. 

Notable Features

● The backpacks come with PU Coatings, which protects them from rough weather and dust

● Minimalist and sleek design 

● They come with a separate laptop sleeve

● Extreme lightweight 

10. Wesley

Wesley backpack

Wesley is a top backpack brand in India, which manufactures backpacks for people of all age groups. The Wesley backpacks come with padded backs, giving an ultimate comfort experience even while carrying heavy belongings. The backpacks featured detailed organization intuitive access and cushioned support, which marks their high customer ratings.

They come with elasticated bottle pockets, which let you carry the water bottles with ease. The Wesley backpack comes with dedicated laptop sleeves offering extra storage space. Designed with excellent quality material, the Wesley backpack features lightweight and longevity. 

Notable Features

● Padded back and shoulder straps

● Dedicated laptop sleeves for extra spacing 

● Elasticated bottle pockets 

● Impressive durability 

11. Red Lemon

Red Lemon backpack

Red Lemon is another famous laptop brand in India with which you can never go wrong. The brand was established in 2018, and in a short time frame, it has garnered immense popularity.

Their sole purpose is to empower their customers with premium products featuring voguish technology and precedence performance. Moreover, they also aim to offer customers premium quality products at affordable prices. 

Notable Features

● Budget-friendly price 

● Innovative designs 

● Made with premium quality material  

● Simple yet elegant build 

12. MI

MI is a premium backpack brand in India that manufactures stylish backpacks. The MI backpacks feature a compact build, making them an ideal choice for everyday travel.

They are equipped with contra zippers which offer easy access to your belongings. A major attraction of the MI backpacks is their sporty colours. 

 Notable Features

● The backpack features an edgy mix of superb usability and fashionable details 

● Zipper pockets 

● Sporty colours 

● Made with 600 D polyester fabric

● Adjustable shoulder straps 

13. Ah arctic hunter

Ah arctic hunter backpack

The Arctic Hunter backpacks are made with high-density EVA material, making them highly durable. The zipper of the backpacks features thick zinc alloy that offers them a robust nature. They have various compartments that let you properly organize your belongings.

Notable Features

● Several compartments 

● Robust build 

● Durable metal zippers 

● The backpacks are embedded with a USB charging port

14. Lenovo

Lenovo backpack

Lenovo is a vast electronic brand and has captured the luggage industry. The Lenovo backpacks are highly durable and stylish, which lets you carry heavy items, such as laptops, without worrying about damaging the backpack.

Keeping up with modern-day requirements, the Lenovo backpacks come with two compartments and one side pocket. They are made with durable and water-resistant polyester fabric, which keeps the backpack safe from dust, dirt, and rain.

Notable Features

● Made with high-quality polyester fabric

● Dedicated cushioned laptop section 

● Well-placed pockets 

● Breathable mesh fabric 

15. Artistix

Artistix backpack

The Artistix backpacks feature innovative design and high quality, which has gained a vast customer base. Most of the Artistix backpacks come with expandable designs, making them different from other backpack brands. 

Notable Features

● Anti-theft design 

● Zipped pockets 

● Made with high-density premium nylon material 

● the resilient material makes the backpack resistant to shrinking, abrasion, and scratches 

Buying Guide For Best Backpack Brands in India

Material – The first and most crucial factor to consider while looking for the best backpack in India is the backpack’s material. A backpack with a suitable material will match your needs and last a long. It is better to look for a backpack made with superior-quality polyester.

This material is resistant to ultraviolet degradation, accounting for its sturdy nature. Moreover, the backpacks made with polyester fabric hold colours for a long time, keeping their look intact for a more extended period, even with continuous use. 

Capacity – Capacity is another essential criterion not to be undermined while buying a backpack. A backpack that is either too small or too big will only be rendered useless. You must consider two important factors to get a brief idea of the capacity that best suits your needs.

You must first sort out the total number of articles you must carry. If you only need some essentials, then a small-capacity backpack will be sufficient for you. But if you are planning to carry various travel elements, opting for a more oversized backpack is better. Similarly, the type of activity you will be using the backpack for also plays a crucial role in determining its capacity.

A large or heavy-capacity backpack will be no use if you need a backpack for light walks, colleges, or schools. But getting a large-capacity heavy-duty backpack is always better if you undertake various outdoor activities such as trekking, camping, or housing. 

Size & Fitting – You also need to consider the size and fit while purchasing any backpack from the best backpack brands in India. You should buy a backpack that reflects your style, so choose the size and fit accordingly.

An efficient backpack is available in various sizes, such as small, medium, and large. Similarly, various types of fittings are available, such as torso and waist length. Hence, you need to purchase one appropriate size and fit per your height and requirement.

Shell type – There are two types of shell available in a backpack: a hard and soft cover. The rugged shell backpacks comprise a rigid exterior and can easily fit many of your items. Softshell backpacks have compressible bodies and thus can easily fit into any space. 

Primary usage type – You must also determine your primary usage before purchasing a backpack. If you require a backpack for daily usages, such as using them for work, school, and college, then you can prefer to purchase a good backpack that would suffice your requirements.

However, if you have a necessity for travelling and trekking, then you need to buy a backpack that would be suitable for travelling and trekking.

Wrap Up!

Hence, above, we have mentioned the best backpack brands in India. All the backpacks mentioned above are popular in India, and the backpacks manufactured by them are sturdy and durable and have unique features. To make the purchasing task of a backpack more seamless and hassle-free for you, we have also discussed some buying guides. If you follow them, you can easily purchase the appropriate backpack model without any hassle.


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