15 Best Amusement Parks in the World

Best Amusements Parks
Best Amusements Parks

There are many things that tourists find enticing, including religious shrines, ruins of royal palaces, natural sightseeing spots and tasting regional cuisines- while traveling. However, there are few things that can match the attraction of an amusement park. Along with the fun seeking toddlers, the grownup visitors get glued to the numerous attractions of these top theme parks and enjoy the thrills to the hilt. The fun rides, adventure sports activities and numerous entertainment options in the best amusement parks of the world lure billions of visitors.

Listed below are best amusements parks that attract millions of footfalls, round the year:

Universal’s islands of adventure, Florida

Among the two famous theme parks located at Universal Orlando, the Islands of Adventure is a major crowd puller. It is where you find the fantasy and superhero characters popping out left and right and the thrill rides are mind blowing- to say the least. Technically, you may visit both the parks on one day. The Port of entry is where you get into the park. There are eating and shopping zones too. The attractions include Marvel Superhero Island and Toon lagoon. The latter, a cartoon themed zone- features two water rides. Do not forget to cover the Jurassic park section-named after the iconic film franchisee. The Harry Potter rides are thrilling too!

Le Puy du Fou, France

Not many travelers are aware of France’s amazing theme park named Puy du Fou. It is a theme park unlike any other you may have seen. There are no superhero figures vying for your attention nor there are water rides in funny shaped boats here. You get family-friendly theatrical extravaganzas enacted on lavish scale-amidst peaceful forest setting. This rural theme park has history as the main roller coaster ride! It all began in 1978 as an amateur dramatics night. Watching the amazing history extravaganza shows with thousands of actors with animals enacting high drama is spectacular. There are special effects that will make you forget reality. The Joan of Arc special show is great and it features high-speed stunt-riding.  The historic bird show is spectacular too.

Universal studios Hollywood, California

If you live, eat and sleep movies, especially Hollywood flicks- do not miss exploring the stunning Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in California. Located on Hollywood Hills’s east side, it offers enough attractions to dazzle your senses. You will find a hard time in choosing from the attractions. Walking Dead Attraction is perfect for zombie fans while thrill seekers should go for the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride. The WaterWorld show is amazing as it has real-life stunt actors. Use the escalator to find the lower lot of the park where you can find rides based on Hollywood blockbuster franchisees like the Transformers.

Europa Park, Germany

Germany’s Europa Park is among the top notch theme parks and you should explore it once- at least. It is known as the second most popular theme park in Europe. You will be hard pressed to find another theme park that combines so many elements from different countries including Spain and Italy. The park has over 100 rides and 13 of these are roller coasters. A water park is ready to be thrown open. Some of the rides can be taxing on nerves like the terrifying Blue Fire which reaches a speed of 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds. Thrill seekers can try the Atlantica SuperSplash and the boat will rise 30meters in the air to get down at a pool at blazing speed. The Poseidon and Pegasus roller coasters are great too.

Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

Located in capital city, Copenhagen, the Tivoli Gardens is Denmark’s most popular amusement park. Located close to the Copenhagen Central Station and City hall, reaching the park is easy. Set up in 1843 it has become a major tourist draw in Denmark over the years. It has something for all types of visitors and the charming architecture and lush gardens will soothe your mind and eyes. At night, myriads of colored lamps lit up the place and create an amazing and unique ambiance. The rides are also superb and some of them are nostalgia inducing. There are thrilling rides like Vertigo too. However, the wooden Roller Coaster ride is possibly most popular one.

The islands in pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Try out the Island in Pigeon Forge if you want to experience theme park without blitzkrieg of Hollywood characters and superhero fantasy themed rides and exhibits. The island has several fun rides, shopping zones, eateries and lots of attractions for people with varying interests. You get almost every ride or experience on the island for free. Beyond doubt, the 200 feet tall Great Smoky Mountain Wheel is the star attraction here. The Island Mirror Maze spread over 3,000 square feet is also intriguing. The Island Show Fountains which are synced to lights and music are also spectacular. You may gorge on yummy dishes at Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen and Timberwood Grill.

Disneyland Park, France

This is possibly the theme park that has become a household name! Disneyland Paris (previously Disneyland Resort Paris) is Disney Empire’s European incarnation of Magic Kingdom theme park. Disneyland Paris comprises of two parks,- Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park. A shopping district named Disney Village is there too. The village is made mostly of restaurants and shops. The design is amazing and the place is kept clean round the clock. There are 35,000 trees and 450 different plant species in this park. The attractions are numerous, but the castle is remarkable for its architecture. It has an animatronics dragon in its vault.

Beto Carrero World, Brazil

Beto Carrero world is Latin America’s answer to Disneyland! It is the biggest theme park in Latin America, located in Brazil’s Penha. There are fun options and attractions for everyone. There are several dining options and cleanliness is very good too. The major attractions include Pitaras Island, Radical adventure and Animal World. You should try the Ferris wheel and Raskapuska boat. Check out the Extreme show and Madagascar Circus Show as well. The Beto Carrero World Show is another big attraction here.

Port Adventura, Spain

Spain’s Port Aventura is no Disneyland but it has enough charm to lure the kids along with parents! Everyone here is English speaking and apart from rides you get good dining options. There are many rides and thrill seekers should go for Vertical Accelerator in Ferrari land. It is Europe’s fastest and tallest roller coaster. Shambhala and Furious Baco are also enjoyable. Caribe is the zone’s waterpark and it has a number of rides. The Ferrari land is a major crowd puller and it will get more branded attractions in the future.

Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore

This is a major tourist draw in Singapore and South East Asia’s biggest Hollywood themed park. There are enough rides and attractions for visitors of all age groups. There are over 2 dozen movie themed rides. Total, 7 movie oriented zones are there. The major rides include The Ultimate 3D Battle ride (TRANSFORMERS), Madagascar and the Mummies. These 3 can be found in the park’s Sci-Fi City. The toddlers will love the Shrek 4-D Adventure.

Hong Kong Disneyland, China

This is Hong Kong’s iteration of Disneyland. The setup and architecture resembles those of Disneyland parks set in the USA.  The main attractions and rides are Animation Academy, Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad, Art of Animation, Royal Princess Garden. Gorge on sumptuous dishes at the Corner Cafe. You can also head to the Market House Bakery.

Efteling, Kaatsheuvel- Netherlands

Efteling is the largest Dutch theme park and it happens to be among the oldest theme parks of the world. It was made open for public in 1952. What started as a nature park with Fairy Tale Forest and a playground became a full blown theme park over the years. There are romantic, nostalgic and cultural themes. The fantasy-themed park also has plenty of fun rides and they are based on folklore and mythical elements. Aquanura, Europe’s largest fountain is a star attraction as is Raveleijn- the magical city.

Leolandia, Italy

LeoIndia Is Italy’s theme park made with eco-conscious and focus on catering to the needs of kids under 10. Its proximity to Milan and three airports make the park easily accessible. The major attractions are miniature castles, churches and citadels. The water rides are thrilling too.

Paultons Park, United Kingdom

Paultons Park is a popular theme park in the UK. There are more than 70 amazing rides. It is located close to New Forest National Park. The park dons a new look every Christmas. Top rides include Velociraptor, Cobra, Cat or Piller coaster and Windy Castle ride.

Universal Studios Japan, Japan

Located in Osaka, Japan- this is an amazing theme park that everyone would love to explore. The cartoon characters run past and roller coasters suddenly whizz over the head here. It is also fun to hear Harry Potter speaking Japanese! The Hogwarts castle is a must visit and you should taste the butter beer ice-cream. Ride ‘The Flying Dinosaur’ roller coaster ride as well.


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