15 Amazing Facts About Dubai You Should Know About

Facts About Dubai
Facts About Dubai

Dubai is one of the fastest growing city worldwide and also a cosmopolitan destination with amazing weather, gleaming skyscrapers and numerous foreign tourist and many luxurious hotels. Since 1960, the city was just a pile of sand with one large building and about a dozen of cars on land.

Dubai is a blend of the dearth of things to be done. However, in 50 years, this beautiful city has created many fascinating cultural norms on the planet. The place has everything for everyone as it is the largest city of the United Arab Emirates which should not be missed.

Dubai is always in news for its amazing things, so we have created a list of some interesting and amazing facts about Dubai for travelers who plan to visit.

We have listed below some amazing and interesting facts about Dubai which you should know:

1. Fastest growing city in the world

Dubai is n own to be the most fastest growing and developing city in the world as twenty percent of all cranes operating on the planet are in Dubai. You will be amazed to know that normal, not very tall buildings in Dubai grow here just in one day.

The city is not only a significant business centre but also on the number one position because of its tourism. The city is continuously growing at very fast speed and owing to that economists are worried that a financial and housing collapse is impending.


2. No standard address system in Dubai

Owing to its rate at which the city is growing there is no standard address system is there. In place of an address line on the mailing label, there is a space provided where residents can draw or sketch a map or can also put some specific instructions in terms of locations where they reside.

Instructions such as after white mosque or First Street to the left or a gold door can be filled in place of standard address. Foreigners those who arrive at the place are requested to have maps in their hands so that drivers in Dubai can easily detect where they want to go.

Thus Dubai has no street address, no zip code or area code and hence no postal services.


3. Crime Rate

Dubai is being ruled under strict Muslim law made by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Moaktoum it boats virtually zero percent crime rate. The city is inhabited mostly by foreigners, and they are well acquitting with the fact that they will be imprisoned or deported even for the minimal of criminal acts.

Due to this thinking, Dubai is one of the safest cities in the whole world with nil crime rate.


4. Police Cars

Dubai has many supercars on the road, and that are surprising of law enforcing officers.  Dubai police use Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Bentleys as their cars and also added McLaren in 2013 and Bugatti in 2014 in this list.

These police cars are very much faster than yours as they have ultra fancy, uber-luxury police cars which are saved for hardened criminals. Dubai police have its own bagpiper band that performs at state events. The most surprising thing is that many of the drivers of these police cars are women who get the responsibility to handle them.


5. Population

The population of Dubai comprises mostly from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh as most of the workers building numerous skyscrapers are foreigners. All foreigners comprise about 50 percent of Dubai’s population followed by 15 percent Emirates and remaining other foreigners.


6. Your Weight in Gold

In the United Arab Emirates obesity is the cause of many main concerns and also one of the leading cause of death. Keeping this in mind Dubai municipality launched a community initiative ‘Your weight in Gold.’ It aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and also encourage people to attain optimal body weight and maintain it.

As per this, every kilo of your weight loss will turn to gold, and this is to protect the next generation fro adverse effect of obesity and leading a healthy life.


7. Zero Debt

Dubai is very much against the perception of its residents incurring debt. In case you find faulty owing to your credit cards and miss payments then you will be deported or sent to jail. People are attracted to Dubai’s well-paying jobs, upscale living as well as tax-free salaries, but many of them live and enjoy their life beyond their means and are sent back shortly.

Issues such as debt repayments as well as prosecution are termed as very serious issues in Dubai as many luxurious cars can be found abandoned in airport parking lots which were left behind by many indebted foreigners who fleet back to their respective countries.


8. A city within a city

Dubai is planning to impress the entire world with its extravagance. The city is in a continuous process of building a controlled climate city within itself that is about 2.5 times the size of Monaco. Isn’t it amazing?

This city will be within Dubai limits and will also feature air condition walkways that will connect you to reach from street to street and building to building easily. They want their visitors to attain the maximum comfort level where they can shop, eat, walk and also can explore without bothering about that desert heat.


9. Best of everything in Dubai

Dubai wants the best of everything, and with this main objective, the city is constantly growing and mounting. The hotels in Dubai are recognized as the most luxurious ones on the entire planet.

The city is an abode of the best hotel in the world, i.e., The Burj Al Arab and the hotel with the seven stars. This beautiful and the most luxurious hotel in Dubai do not permit everybody to walk through its door without a reservation. The space of hotel comprises 30 percent empty space which is entirely for height and showed. It also presents 1790 square meter of gold leaf in its interiors.

Not only this Dubai also has the tallest building in the world, i.e., the Burj Khalifa which can be observed from 95 km away and has 163 stories. City also comprises the largest indoor mall on the planet, the tallest hotel, the biggest aquarium, and big fountains too.


10. Premarital sex is illegal

Dubai did not permit premarital sex, and if not accepted then you can be imprisoned and deported. Dubai is in a Muslim country, and so public displays of affection and love is very much frowned and so even holding hands in public is also not allowed.

Everything that happens being closed doors cannot be controlled by the government, and so many emirates and foreigners do as per there will. But in case they find doing it they will be jailed owing to engagement in intimate cats rather than their spouse.


11. Photography

Photography is Dubai is restricted to some extent as you can’t take as many photos as you want there. You should be weary of what you are photographing as there are some buildings in Dubai where photography is not permitted.

So always beware of the no photograph signs in Dubai to put yourself away from any kind of trouble. Taking anybody’s photo without permission is illegal you can be arrested for doing so. Be considerate if you want to take photos. Take permission first and then take photos especially if people are in their national costume.


12. Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption in Dubai is strictly controlled and is served in licensed hotels as well as clubs only. Nobody is allowed to drink alcohol in public and residents including foreign nationals must have a permit to able to drink alcohol at home or in licensed venues. In Dubai legal age of drinking alcohol is fixed and that is 21 years.


13. Camel Races

Camel racing in Dubai is also very famous sports. It is also a very significant sport of Dubai the same as hockey is for Canada and football is for the US. Only children are allowed to participate in racing and inspire of permitting Emirates or Dubai children to partake now child size robots are built that are used in camel racing.

This decision was taken because in the past there has been the issue which arouses. Many children were illegally trafficked into the country just for camel racing.


14. Dubailand

Dubailand in Dubai is an entertainment complex and is a vivid example of the city’s vision to attract more and more tourist. This is known to be the most ambitious leisure developments anywhere in the world. This complex in Dubai hosts many residential, leisure, sports. Shopping as well as entertainment attractions.

Some of these attractions are operational and rest remaining ones are expected to open before 2020.  This complex is about two times that of the size of Walt Disney World Resort. It is said to be the world’s largest collection of theme parks divide into six main zones.


15. Artificial Palm Island

Artificial Palm Island in Dubai is a series of islands connected together which presents a palm tree look. This palm island in Dubai is the most ambitious and mega real estate developments brimming with world-class resorts and hotels, stunning beach villas, water parks, shopping facilities and much more.

This island occupies an area of seven million square meters and is known to be world’s largest human-made islands. It is an artificial archipelago and is one of its kind global vacation spots too.

Dubai was recognized as a small desert town earlier, but now it has been developed into a vibrant city and a popular tourist destination. The city is unique in itself, and hence we shared some of the amazing, interesting, strange and unique facts of Dubai which every visitor should know.


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